REVIEW – BTG Monopoly Megaways

REVIEW – BTG Monopoly Megaways
Rating 8.7/10

Overview Of Monopoly Megaways

The biggest board game brand in the world meets arguably the best maths in the world, a match made in heaven for all BTG and Monopoly fans say Big Time Gaming. With a statement that bold I simply have to review it, so let’s get stuck in and see if its a “good one” as Mr Monopoly likes to say!

Monopoly Megaways Review

Slot Description

Monopoly Megaways is a 6 reel slot with up to 117,649 ways to win, the game also utilises BTG’s Reel Adventure mechanic which means each players Monopoly board will be unique as you travel around placing houses and hotels and collecting utilities, it’s the same mechanic used in Holy Diver. Mr Monopoly will move around the board every time you get a win, a 3 of a kind win will move him 3 places and so on, if you land on a property on your third win in a row, a house will be added to it, every extra win awards an additional house.

The first time you land on a train station or a utility, you own it and get the card collected to the top right of the reels, these will be used when you trigger the free spins. Each train station is worth 1 extra spin and the two utilities are worth a 1x multiplier each, so if you have all of them when you trigger the bonus you will start with 12 spins and a 3x multiplier!

Monopoly Megaways Feature Round

During the free spins, Mr Monopoly will move around the Monopoly board every time you win, some of the spaces will trigger bonuses which we’ll look at now.

Every time you land on GO, the next spin will be at the full 117,649 Max Megaways.

Every time you land on a Train Station you own, you’re awarded +1 Free Spin for each Train Station you own.

Every time you land on a Utility you own, the win multiplier increases by 1, or by 2 if you own both Utilities.

Every time you land on the Community Chest, a card will send you to a random property.

Every time you land on Chance, a card will either send you to a random property, award you the 117,649 Max Megaways or it can award +5 Free Spins!

Every time you land on a property, the win multiplier increases by 1x for each house on that space, houses are then removed from that property as a trade.

Monopoly Megaways Paytable

The paytable in Monopoly Megaways is the classic BTG style with 6 low paying symbols and 4 premium symbols and your potential wins are displayed as multiples of your stake.

Starting with the low paying symbols first we have the 9’s and 10’s that both pay 0.4x your stake, the J’s and Q’s pay 0.5x and the K’s and A’s pay a poultry 0.6x your stake for a full way.

Moving onto the premium symbols we have the green dog that pays 0.9x your stake, the blue car which pays 1.5x your stake, the red boat pays more at 5x per full way and in true BTG fashion the top symbol being the purple top hat pays a huge premium of 50x your stake per full way!

Final Thoughts On Monopoly Megaways

Monopoly Megaways has a fixed RTP of 96.5% and it’s safely in the super high variance category. I enjoyed playing it and I’d say it’s the best Monopoly slot on the market to date and certainly the most engaging to play.

Collecting the houses and utilities can become a bit of a chore in the base game but theres plenty of little features to keep you entertained in the lead up to the main feature. Overall I like it and I think it will stand the test of time, in the words of Rich Uncle Pennybags aka Mr Monopoly, it’s a good one!” 

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