REVIEW – Microgaming Tiki Reward

REVIEW – Microgaming Tiki Reward
Rating 7.2/10

Overview Of Tiki Reward

Tiki Reward is a new slot from Microgaming and All41 Studios and as of now is exclusively on Betvictors platform. I’ve never played a All41 Studios designed game so I’m keen to see if its like the good old days of Microgaming and it’s always nice to try something different that isn’t based on Megaways. So let’s see if a Maori blessing is in our favour!

Slot Description

Tiki Reward is a high volatility, 5×3 reel set slot game with 50 permanently enabled pay lines. The game features Tiki symbols in four colours; Blue, Red, Green and Gold. Tiki symbols can appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 and three Tiki symbols of the same colour on the middle reels award a Jackpot prize of the corresponding colour. 

Blue, Red and Green Tiki symbols can also land with 2x multiplier which multiply themselves, so 2 would be 4x the relevant jackpot. Tiki symbols with multipliers multiply any wins that they contribute to, including Jackpots. After any of the Jackpots are won, all Red, Blue and Green Jackpots are re-rolled but always add up to the sum of 30x stake. The Golden Jackpot always stays the same at 1000x stake, three golden Tiki symbols award all four Tiki Jackpots which is 1030x stake.

You can also land Tiki symbols with 2x multipliers which then multiply each other, so lets say you got 3 red Tiki symbols and two were 2x multipliers, you would win 4x the relevant pot! This is only true for the Green, Blue and Red, the Gold award is capped at 1030x stake which is 1000x plus the other 3 awards which always amount to 30x in total.

During Free Spins, the color of the Tiki symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4 are chosen randomly between Red, Blue, and Green for each spin. All Tiki symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4 will either be Gold or the randomly chosen Tiki symbol colour. Golden Tiki symbols can also land on any free spin and substitute for the chosen Tiki symbol colour.

Tiki Reward Paytable

The paytable in Tiki Reward is dynamic and changes automatically with your stake, the example below is based on a £2 spin and starting with the lowest paying symbols we have the 9’s, 10’s and J’s paying 0.5x your stake for 5 of a kind and the Q’s, K’s and A’s paying 1x your stake respectably.

Now moving on to the premium symbols we have the Flower and Stingray paying 1.25x your stake, the Hammerhead shark and Lizard pay a paltry 1.75x your stake and the Turtle which is the top symbol pays a whopping 2.5x your stake!

These wins may seem pointless and to be honest they mostly are, however just remember that all tiki symbols are wilds and with a few 2x multipliers thrown in the mix and a screen full of turtles you could win a respectable 200x stake with no jackpot.

Final Thoughts On Tiki Reward

Tiki Reward has a default RTP of 96.32% and is listed as high volatility by the creators, personally I’d say it’s on the higher end of medium volatility rather than high when compared with the “true” high variance games that usually involve Megaways! The 1000x Jackpot occurs roughly once every 10,000 spins so over a period of time you literally have a 1 in 10 chance of landing it, that’s not bad at all and certainly not my idea of “high” variance!

During my play I hit 5 or 6 small jackpots and landed the bonus twice, it’s also worth noting that you are guaranteed at least 1 jackpot per bonus, however that could be no more than 4x stake so it doesn’t exactly get ones mouth watering. Anyway, it’s different and my balance lasted ages, would I play it again? Probably, but only to try and land the 3 Gold tiki’s for a 1000x!

If you fancy a go their’s a link below and remember to share a screenshot on the forum if you get any interesting wins, as always thanks for reading and good luck!

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