REVIEW – Inspired Gaming The Guardians

REVIEW – Inspired Gaming The Guardians

Overview Of The Guardians

The African savannah is full of different woman, and each of these woman have there own unique animal guardians to protect them, or at least they do in this slot from Inspired Gaming, the makers of the well known Centurion slot. We have one with a wolf, one with an eagle, another with an owl, one with a leopard and the final young lady has a lion. Seems like the owl woman drew the short straw when they were given these guardians, maybe it’s a talking owl though and can talk you out of trouble with lions, anyway lets see how the slot play’s before I get too distracted!

Slot Description

The Guardians has a classic 4 by 5 reel setup and you play on 40 fixed win lines, the aim as with most slots is to land 3 scatters, however there is a fortune bet option where you can pay an extra percentage of your bet to increase the scatter size giving you a larger chance of landing the feature. The twist to this is that you pay more per spin but keep the same coin value thus decreasing the value of any line wins, it’s basically a way of making the game lower variance but obviously with that you lower the win values. For me personally I like to leave the fortune bet off as the game is only medium variance in the first place and I had no problem getting features, although I can see that it might be a nice option for those playing at bigger stakes.

The Guardians Fortune Bet

The wonder spin feature comes in 2 variations, you either get 5 spins or you get 50! The scatters are either regular or gold and you need to land all 3 in gold to get the premium 50 spin award, any combination other than that awards just the 5 wonder spins. During the feature you have reels turn wild in a set order if its a losing spin, let’s say the first spin was a loser, the middle reel turns wild and the reels re-spin without using any of the 4 spins that are left, if that spin is also a loser then reel 5 also turns wild, same again and you now have reels 3,4 and 5 wild, if reel 1 and 2 still don’t match on the next re-spin then reel 2 turns wild and the next spin will be forced to be a winning one with the 4 wild reels, it’s worth taking note that the above process would of only used 1 of your 5 spins!

The free spins can also be re-triggered during the feature and that adds another 5 wonder spins, I can’t comment on what happens with a re-trigger if it happens during a 50 spin bonus as I haven’t had one, I had plenty of regular features though and on a couple of occasions I even got the 4 losing spins required to get 4 wild reels. All the symbols are stacked in this game too so when that happens you’re almost guarenteed a full screen of something!

The Guardians Fortune Bet

The Guardians Paytable

The paytable is fixed and the awards are based on multiples of your coin value, remember though with the fortune bet option you could have a coin value of 5p with a £2 spin and the same coin value with a £4 spin depending on how big you want the scatters, this massively influences the payouts and variance. For instance a full screen of the best symbol with the fortune bet on the maximum 3rd level would pay 100x your stake, the exact same screen with the fortune bet turned off would pay double that at 200x! This is why I personally opt for the fortune bet off as it’s not a huge award for a full screen of premiums in the first place, however they do come pretty regular.

The Guardians Paytable 2

The stacked symbol you’re looking for is the wild or The Guardians symbol during the wonder spin feature, ideally after 4 losing spins so the last 4 reels are wild! I had quite a few bonuses on this when testing and my worst was 10x and the rest of them paid between 30x and 100x so I think if you’re lucky enough to land the 3 gold scatters for the 50 spin feature you’re going to be looking at 500x minimum and probably closer to the 1000x mark which isn’t huge compared to the super high variance machines but at the same time it’s still a fairly decent potential for a lower variance game.

The Guardians Paytable

Final Thoughts On The Guardians

The Guardians has an RTP of 95% and the variance is medium to medium low depending on how you set the fortune bet. I played it for a few hours and to be honest it was quite enjoyable, you have a savannah symbol that is stacked and reveals what symbol is under it when it lands, this got a bit tedious but was also exciting when you got 3 to 5 stacked reels of them and you got to anticipate what symbol was under it. The sounds were very similar to other FOBT slots from this provider and the graphics were okay but a bit dated compared to the likes of the brand new HTML5 games from providers like Thunderkick, however it didn’t detract from the game. Anyway thanks for reading and if you’re wondering if I have a guardian, yes I do, he’s a Pug and looks like Gobble out of the Dragonz slot, better than an owl I guess! Theres a link below if you fancy a fortune spin, good luck!

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