REVIEW – BTG Opal Fruits

REVIEW – BTG Opal Fruits

Overview Of Opal Fruits

Opal Fruits is the latest slot release from Big Time Gaming and for those that are sick of Megaways games you’ll be pleased to hear this doesn’t have a Megaway in sight, now without any back story on this game and purely looking at the logo and the name I can’t help but think this is a play on the slot Starburst by Netent. For any older viewers you may remember the name for pre 1998 Starburst sweets, yes that’s correct, Opal Fruits! Anyway I’m pretty sure this is the case as the CEO of BTG is from the UK and will be of the age to remember these classic sweeties, let’s jump in and see if the game’s as good as the sweet was or if it’s as boring and low variance as the slot was!

Slot Description

Opal Fruits has 5,625 ways to win and you play on a 6 reel by 3 row setup with an extra row above and below the middle 4 reels, this enables the game to have something they trademark called the triple reaction. This is depicted in the image below and in layman’s terms it means the top row of symbols come in from the left to the right rather than the reverse that we are accustomed too.

Opal Fruits Paytable TGC

During the base game and the bonus you can get wild symbols and wild multiplier symbols, these only land on the extra reels and will multiply themselves, when on the same reel they add together, basically just like you’d expect in Raging Rhino or any of the other multiplying wild features available.

Opal Fruits Paytable TGC

The freespins feature in Opal Fruits awards 10 spins for landing at least 4 scatters, if you are lucky enough to land 5 scatters you get an extra 5 spins and for every extra scatter after that you get an additional 10 spins, to be honest it was hard enough to land 4 let alone 5 or 6 so I wouldn’t count on it happening very often!

Opal Fruits Paytable TGC

During the freespin round your multiplier increases by 1x for every win, once you hit 10x you get a re-trigger of 5 extra spins, this also happens again at 20x and 30x multiplier.

Opal Fruits Paytable TGC

Opal Fruits Paytable

The paytable in Opal Fruits is typical BTG fashion with its very low paying symbols all the way up to the top premium symbol that’s 25x more valuable than the 2nd best symbol, this is high variance personified.

Starting with the lowest paying symbols we have the 9’s and 10’s paying just 0.4x for a full way, the J’s and Q’s pay 0.5x and the K’s and A’s pay 0.6x your stake for a full way. Of course all these symbols can be stacked and then if you chuck in a few multiplier wilds above and below you could still win a decent amount so it’s not quite as poor as it looks!

Opal Fruits Paytable TGC

The premium symbols in Opal Fruits pay slightly more at 0.8x your stake for a full way of pears, 0.9x for a full way of plums, 2x for a full way of melons and a huge premium of 50x your stake for a full way of the purple berrie top symbol. Now the paytable overall looks pretty poor but when you factor in the chance of a x30 multiplier in the free spins coupled with multiple x3 wilds and then stick some purple berrries in and your looking at an astronomically big win on any stake!

Opal Fruits Paytable TGC

Final Thoughts On Opal Fruits

Opal Fruits has an RTP of 96.67% RTP and its safely in the super high variance category with the max win stated to be an eye watering 36,000x your total stake! The graphics and sounds were very BTG and instantly recognisable and of course the win potential is huge, however it didn’t float my boat. It feels far too hard to hit the feature with 4 scatters being too rare and once you finally get the bonus you’re not guaranteed to win a thing, its like the variance of Bonanza but without the same excitement during the feature and for me personally I found it boring to play. Of course we all like different themes and mechanics and one mans poison is another mans cure and all that jazz but this just didn’t excite me, I’m afraid it was no Opal Fruit from the 1980’s but if the plan was to make a hit slot thats actually a flop to play like Starburst then I think they succeeded! As always, thanks for reading and good luck if you’re having a spin.

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