REVIEW – BTG Millionaire Rush

REVIEW – BTG Millionaire Rush
Rating 9.1/10

Overview Of Millionaire Rush

Millionaire Rush takes BTG’s world renowned classic and slams it into overdrive. With a ferocious velocity and pure energy this MEGACLUSTERS™ game is packed full of effects that will dazzle any player.

The unique MEGATRAIL™ feature offers players a multitude of bonuses that brings new opportunities to every spin and keep the adrenaline pumping! With Bonus Prizes of up to 1000 times stake in Base Game and 2000 times stake in Free Spins this fast-paced slot is sure to thrill!

Slot Description

Millionaire Rush is a cluster game and has a MEGATRAIL™ with 12 rungs that is randomly determined every base game spin. Rung 12 contains a Bonus Prize of up to 1000 times stake, and Rung 7 awards 6 Free Spins. In addition to the Bonus Prize and Free Spins award, at least 3 Random Bonuses will be added to the MEGATRAIL™. Rung 1 of the MEGATRAIL™ is always blank, and Rung 2 will always contain a Random Bonus.

When Rung 7 of the MEGATRAIL™ is highlighted in the base game, 6 Free Spins are awarded. An enhanced MEGATRAIL™ will be randomly determined once for the entire Free Spins, with a Bonus Prize on Rung 12 of up to 2000 times stake. When Rung 7 of the MEGATRAIL™ is highlighted in the Free Spins, 3 additional Free Spins are awarded. The maximum number of total Free Spins is 99. In addition to the Bonus Prize and Retrigger, at least 6 Random Bonuses will be added to the MEGATRAIL™. Rungs 1 and 2 of the MEGATRAIL™ will always contain Random Bonuses.. 

With no less than 12 MEGATRAIL™ bonuses we start with Wilds, when you hit this on the trail you are awarded up to 10 wilds randomly, the Multiplier Wilds do what they say on the tin with up to 5x on each and the Symbol to Wild will turn every instance of the selected symbol into a wild.

The Mega Wild consists of a grid of 4 wilds that will be added to the screen, if triggered in the Free Spins you get two grids of 4 Wilds! The Symbol Subdivide turns the large selected symbol into 4 of its smaller symbols of the same type and the Symbol Upgrade quite simply replaces the chosen symbol with the symbol indicated.

The Win Multiplier gives a multiplier of up to 11x for the entire spin it’s awarded, the bonus prize if won is not multiplied. Max Megaclusters simply changes all big symbols in to 4 of the smaller but same symbol.

Symbol Duplication adds 5 big symbols of a randomly selected symbol either in a row or a column.

Symbol Explosion takes all of the selected symbol and removes it from its row or column. Explosions causes up to 3 explosions in the shape shown below and removes the symbols hit from the board.

50:50 removes half the current symbols from the screen at either the top, bottom, left or right of the board.

When rung 7 of the MEGATRAIL™ is highlighted in the base game, 6 free spins are awarded. An enhanced MEGATRAIL™ will be randomly determined once for the entire free spins, with a bonus prize on rung 12 of up to 2000x stake!

When rung 7 of the MEGATRAIL™ is highlighted in the free spins, 3 additional free spins are awarded. In addition to the bonus prize and retrigger, at least 6 random bonuses will be added to the MEGATRAIL™.

Millionaire Rush Paytable

The paytable in Millionaire Rush is simple as in all BTG games and tells you what each symbol pays in multiples of your stake! Starting with the low paying symbols we have the Blue triangles and Yellow squares paying up to 30x for a max cluster. The Orange diamond and Green gem pay considerably more at 50x for a full cluster.

Moving on to the premium symbols we have the Blue gem, the red gem and the Purple gem again all paying 50x for a max cluster. However the Purple gem also pays 50x for 20-24 size clusters. It’s quite refreshing not to have all the potential locked in to one hard to land colour gem and have it spread nicely across the board for a change.

Final Thoughts On Millionaire Rush

Millionaire Rush has an RTP of 96.44% and the maximum win is a gigantic 55,060x stake which in layman’s terms is just over £11k on a 20p bet! The variance I would class as just high even with that huge potential.

To sum the game up I had a great time playing it, the action is pretty much non stop and the bonus seemed fair to land and came in regularly with plenty of excitement leading up to and during the bonus. I’d go as far to say it’s the best Millionaire game in BTG’s portfolio to date and I will definitely be playing this slot regularly. If you liked Starclusters you’re going to love this, the mechanics are simple but sublime and do the intended job incredibly well.

If you fancy trying this mini masterpiece theirs a link below to a TGC trusted casino, thanks for reading and enjoy!

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