REVIEW – BTG Extra Chilli

REVIEW – BTG Extra Chilli

Overview Of Extra Chilli Slot

Grab yourself a taco, stick on your sombrero and get that mariachi music on because were heading to Mexico for the most anticipated slot of 2018, the slot some refer to as Bonanza 2, it’s Extra Chilli by Big Time Gaming and I’m really excited to get stuck in and see if it lives up to the hype!

Slot Description

Extra Chilli utilises BTG’s megaways with up to 117,649 ways to win just like Bonanza, it has a 6 reel setup with an extended reel for reels 2,3,4 and 5 again just like Bonanza. The only difference is this time the extensions of the reel are on the bottom of the reels rather than the top and they only come in once the main 6 reels have stopped spinning which adds to the suspense and is a nice touch.

As soon as you load the game up your greeted with the landing page below, first thing I noticed is you only need 3 scatters now opposed to the 4 required in Bonanza. The scatters spell HOT and you can also land extra scatters which award 4 spins each on top of the standard 8 that are awarded.

BTG Extra Chilli Slot

You also have the feature drop option where you can purchase the feature, its 50x the stake to buy now rather than the 100x it costs in White Rabbit which is good, however there is a twist, you can now gamble the feature after purchasing it for more spins or no spins with a pie gamble as shown below.

BTG Extra Chilli Slot

This really does make the game a delight for the ultra gambler as you can gamble your whole feature, I do see this leaving a bad taste in some peoples mouths as I lost plenty of gambles while testing, but saying that I also got the 4th feature gamble up to the maximum 24 spins. Something else worth noting is when you purchase the feature you can land more than 3 scatters and start with more than 8 spins which is also a very nice touch. Should you start with or gamble to 20 spins you don’t completely lose the feature should you decide to gamble them and lose.

You also collect coins during regular play the same as White Rabbit and earn money towards the price of the feature drop, the bigger the coin the more it takes off the price to buy the feature. Now presuming you get past the gamble and actually get to see some free spins you will be awarded an extra multiplier for each winning combination exactly like the games counterpart Bonanza, the symbols explode and more drop down, you can also win a retrigger with 3 or more pot’s of chilli’s which only show on the extended reels at the bottom and act as scatters.

Extra Chilli Paytable

Below are the basic symbols with the ace and king being the best of a bad bunch, each paying 1.75x your stake for 6 of a kind. The lowest paying symbol is the 9 which only pays 0.8x your stake for a full line.

BTG Extra Chilli Slot Paytable

Below are the symbols we care about though, these are the premium’s and look absolutely beautiful. As you can see the purple chilli’s pay a huge premium compared to the rest and for 6 of a kind you will be rewarded with 50x your stake, for a full line of green its only 2x your stake.

Apparently it’s possible to hit 20’000x your stake per spin in this game during the bonus so I’m going to presume that is a load of purples with a decent multiplier. Im sure we will see some humungous wins on the forum in the coming months from this game so we will have to wait and see how they are delivered!

BTG Extra Chilli Slot Paytable

Final Thoughts On Extra Chilli

The RTP for Extra Chilli is between 96.15% and 96.82% depending on optimal strategy when playing. Optimal is apparently achieved by always gambling the feature although I wouldn’t suggest doing that unless your bankroll can sustain a good beating! Overall I think its a very pretty game and the music is a lot less irritating than it’s counterpart even though I’m pretty sure its the same song just played with trumpets!

I think it will be a big hit and with the huge volatility and massive potential it has it may even become the new go to slot for streamers, I still prefer danger high voltage personally but this is definitely a well thought out slot with bags of extras to keep you entertained. It’s released on April 4th this year so we don’t have long to wait, good luck and thanks for reading!

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