REVIEW – BF Games The Best New York Food

REVIEW – BF Games The Best New York Food

Overview Of The Best New York Food Slot

Were off to New York for this slot, however now Im here I wish I hadn’t bothered, if you a huge fan of eating noises, strangely drawn takeaway food, pay lines that don’t pay on the common lines and bonuses which seldom pay more than 10x then this might be for you, for me personally it’s now on the do not play list. Carry on reading if you want to hear how much I didn’t enjoy this slot!

Slot Description

The best food of New York slot is the latest addition from BF Games and has a 5 reel by 3 setup with 20 pay lines. The reels spin like a regular slot but upon landing a winning combination you have a cascade like Bonanza where the winning symbols are eaten and new ones fall to replace them, each time you get a winning combination the multiplier increases by 1x until you reach the maximum of 5x, don’t be put off that the multiplier stops there as you wont be reaching the 5x very often so it doesn’t really matter!

There is a freespin feature which is triggered by landing the 3 statue of liberty scatters which are only available on the first three reels. This gives you a 3x multiplier which can go up to a maximum of 15x should you get enough continuous wins in one spin. Again the chance of this happening is about as likely as me getting a hole in one at the golf course using a cricket bat.

The Best New York Food Paytable

The paytable is based on £1 spins, the lowest symbol being the drunk can of soda paying 2.5x your stake for 5 of a kind, the middle paying symbol is the fries with the bulging eyes paying 10x for a full line. Onto the premium symbols they actually pay rather well which is why I though this slot may have alot of potential before playing it!

The dancing pizza pays 25x your stake for 5 of a kind, the distressed hotdog is 50x and for a full line of the cheeky burger you get a whopping 150x your stake, also worth mentioning is this symbol is stacked on all reels so technically you could get a full screen of burgers with a 15x multiplier. Using some quick maths that would equate to a win of 45’000 x your stake in 1 spin, however after playing 10’s of thousands of test spins on this game the best bonus I achieved was 25x and Id say 50% of those bonuses were under 10x leaving a bad taste in my mouth from this cuisine.

The Best New York Food Paytable

Final Thoughts On The Best New York Food

The RTP for this slot is 98.08% which doesn’t make sense to me if it has the potential for such a ridiculous max win, it’s classed as medium variance which again does not ring true if the potential is there to win such a huge amount. The gamble feature has a true 50/50 chance of winning and has a RTP of 100% as expected. From my point of view I will be paying attention to any big wins that may be posted in the future just to see if I was playing it on a bad day but I done so many spins I was expecting to see at least one big win. For the time being I won’t be dining from this menu, thanks for reading and theres a link below if you fancy playing it yourself on demo, good luck!

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