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Is Rolla alive?


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On 25/11/2023 at 16:52, andywilliams11872 said:

I wouldnt be surprised if the forum was taken down in the near future. Used to be buzzing on here every day and it’s just really dying a slow death at the moment. 

The forum is looking a bit of a lost cause now. A lot left when Paul took the crypto route and the others left when the free torn fivers were on the go. In Paul’s defence it could be said that he handed over a fair few Thousand in competition winnings over the years whilst the bandit parted with fuck all unless he was gaining out it. Some of the comp winners who contributed absolutely nothing to the forum fucked off the minute hardman stopped shelling out his dough.

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2 hours ago, Chair Slots said:


That attitude will get us nowhere Mr Chair,  that aggressive approach in today's world is pretty much a hate crime 

PLEASE be patient,  respect each other or it's bon voyage!!! 

Mr Paul's TEAM are fully aware of the site issues and the TEAM are currently looking into the invision community theme code. 

image below of firm evidence that the TGC TEAM are aware of this and Mr Paul has flung everything at this in order it gets repaired ASAP 

Be assured Mr Chair it's HIGH Priority 








































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