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Its been a while .... a 40p miracle


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20 hours ago, Solario333 said:

So after many months of examination I joined GG Poker yesterday morning .  And after an initial deposit I played a couple of slots and some poker ... 

In the poker I played a $2 super turbo and made the final table --  coming 7th out of 1350 and collected $70 ... a very good start .  (I had JJ against 44 and he hit a 4 on the river !! )  my third bad beat of the tourney .... Now I will play slightly larger stakes ... 

so afterwards I played Rise of Merlin , an old favourite from Play N Go ..... and after quite a few spins I hit this bonus .... rise_of_merlin_GG_.thumb.png.5d951b26cbaa7263aaf13310a6a2db4e.png

Looks like I still have the touch !! Cashed out $500 and was paid in 1 hour. !!

Nice one mate, that's the site I won on fisherman Frankie... I withdrew via BTC and it's been more than 24 hours already.. it's a bloody great site, and the slots seem to be awesome!

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