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$3.1 MILLION!! Tom Dwan Wins Biggest Pot in Televised Poker History

Guest Fudge

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Guest Fudge

Tom Dwan has overtaken Phil Ivey as all time poker goat when it comes to longevity, skill, entertainment and fame.

My list:

1. Tom Dwan

2. Phil Ivey

3. Daniel Negreanu

4. Phil Hellmuth

5. Doyle Brunson


Btw what happened to Phil Ivey? His playing style is unrecognizable, he went full nit.

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1 hour ago, Fudge said:

Btw what happened to Phil Ivey? His playing style is unrecognizable, he went full nit.

When the poker boom happened Phil Ivey was ahead of his time he used to steamroll tables nowadays it seems like the gap has closed as there are that many strategies out there he can no longer do it. 

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There are much better players these days than these old timers, because nerds all study hours every day with solvers. Solvers changed the game completely and players these days are on a different level. Game evolved and general skill gap is on average much lower than 10-15 years ago. Its all about adapting your game. You also have to have in mind that some of them play different on stream than in private. Every information these days can cost you a fortune if you play with the same people on regular base which high stakes players mostly are.

These hustler games are so soft that is actually insane and even any decent nl50-nl100 online regular grinder could beat that game if you give him the money to play. These amateur players dont even understand basics about poker even though they play every week there. This stream was a great example since people at the table or in chat didnt understand plays by Doug or Dwan. They dont understand how poker playing that deep is completely different than 100bb stacks and much more complicated to make optimal decisions. This hand was actually much more insane than it looks since he called off 1500bb with queens.

If you put Dwan or any other pro player in this pool of people to play on Hustler on a regular basis they would destroy them just like Garrett did and thats why they dont allow pros to play  there all the time. Even before controversy with Garrett people complained and a lot of them didnt want to play against him any more.

This is how it usually is since business man have the money to afford playing these stakes and have fun in these streams. If you look at Triton streams and compare them to these guys it is night and day and not even the same game. But this is what people want to watch I guess because they can relate since cca. 95% of people watching are losing players and play the similar way.

Games years ago when all the guys you mentioned was at their peek were much more fun to watch. Now it is all math and GTO if you look at pros playing and boring as fuck. Thats why the biggst streams are mostly with amateurs and filled with drama and not just poker. It is basically reality TV at this point.

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