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Tandoori chicken for dinner tomorrow!!

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Looks a lot more nicer now fella 

I approve 

The best curry I ever had was from a place up near Dundee when I worked for Rentokill back in 2007 

A team of 6 of us travelled all over the UK doing what is known as Deep Cater Clean,  we'd spend the full night blitzing everything in the kitchen area, eye level grill - Solid tops - Bin fryers - Prep Areas the whole 9 yards. 

This night near Dundee we couldn't get started until the chefs had finished the last serving and the restaurant had also took a big delivery of rice that was sitting on a large pallet half in half out, I could tell a few of the chefs were under pressure so I asked if they needed a hand with the bags of rice ?    the head chef was a really nice old Indian man and he showed me where all the bags were to go, sadly the other 5 all sat in their vans having a smoke so I ended up moving the lot of them on my own, no big deal as I was fit as hell back then, as the kitchen was winding down and my supervisor doing all his checks the old Indian man came over and asked me if I liked curry etc,  I said yes but nothing really spicy, he stood for the next 20 mins and put together about 4 BIG platers of food with various things on each plate as a Thanks for moving all the bags of rice. 

We all ate them about 03:30 on one of our breaks and yes we were all stoned oO'T our nappers and had the munchies BIG TIME but it was still by far the best Indian cuisine I've ever had in my life and it was all free.   

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