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Cheltenham Festival Comp


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Have a good Cheltenham all, dont want a prize here for the history keemon. 

1.30 Facile Vega 20 win

2.10 Jonbon 20 win

2.50 Fantastikas 20 win

3.30 constitution hill 10 win

4.10 Epatante 10 win

4.50 Punta del etse 5 e/w

5.30 gaillard du m 10 win


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Guest Chair Slots
5 minutes ago, 1pstaker said:

27 races to go!!! Pessimism is one thing but giving up after one race? 

Yeah I was exaggerating really

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Right guys I’m gonna share my strategy with you. 

The first horse of Cheltenham won in the second half of the alphabet, then the second race the first half of the alphabet. 

Ask yourself how many times that can happen.


Im really smart 

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Guest Fudge

A good start :Mutley:

Day 2

13:30 - Champ Kiely 20
14:10 - Ramillies 10
14:50 - Tax For Max 10
15:30 - Greaneteen 10
16:10 - Gin On Lime 10
16:50 - Epson Du Houx 20
17:30 - Chapeau De Soleil 20

Good luck!

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