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Tinkering on 7's Deluxe Wild Base Hit £1


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So i'm taking advantage of a good tinkering run this week . I played  a few slots before this and just about broke even .... So after 50 spins at 20p I raised it to a £1 and voila .....a good base Hit !! Ive got builders in my bathroom .... so I am at home doing the tea breaks ...etc . 248294213_7_deluxe_wild_1.thumb.png.a894402c1d3eec80983a6878819c6af5.png

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1 hour ago, Kings lynn said:

Tinkering with the builders! Sure that’s one from @Blacko VHS collection he keeps under the bed 

I hope to fuck ur referring to lady builders and not blokes 😂, last thing I need is to be gay.. couldn’t handle getting knockbacks from Men as well as women.

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Just now, Chrissy_M said:

That made my mouth drool 🤤😋🍖 

yes a sirloin joint of beef .....served with all the trimmings ...yorkshire puddings , greens, peas ,carrots roast potatoes, roast shallots in brandy and cream sauce, and a bottle of barollo .... red wine. and brandy on the side ....

then apple crumble and custard and now I can't move ...

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