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Zen Master

Even when you win you lose

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Robin: Holy Ravioli Batman, did Kon Tiki Roulette just turn 70 pence into 72 quid on the first three spins of his stream (TKTRC 46 Roulette Parallel Volatility Strategy High Baseline)

Batman: Yes Robin, he did, but on the fourth spin he had a fiver on number 14 and it went next door into number 20

Robin: So he could have won another 180 quid off 70 pence

Batman: Yes Robin, but it gets worse, if had started the stream two minutes earlier he would have had another 3 hits at the max bet and won over 300 quid off 70 pence

Robin: Just goes to show, even when you win you lose


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Looks like your patience is running low with your “strategy” 


Wont be long now then 

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