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On 21/09/2022 at 00:28, Rocknrolla said:

So I was doing some brainstorming trying to find the near perfect giveaway to do with a stream in mind but in the end I just ended with a headache and think its pretty impossible to include everyone so looking for some input please.

So ideally the key points for the giveaway would include some mix of the following (in no particular order of importance)

Be fun to watch and do

Simple to do and not too complicated

No casino signups needed just a be a TGC member

The forum members get an advantage based on rep points or put in a separate group to others from youtube etc

Those on Gamstop, not gambling, on a break etc are included if they want to but in a way that so they wouldn't be tempted to gamble via any number of possible triggers from the comp or maybe not possible to include. Maybe a side comp but don't want to be patronising 

Its done so its possible that the giveaway could even make me money for example a bonushunt but I keep a percentage and could possible even repeat the giveaway until its a loss

Other option add this money to a 1pstaker racing comp or series or spreading out extra to the next bunch of racing comps but I do want to include people from youtube in some way

Maybe prizes rather than money

Any ideas welcome cheers

Why do a thread like this then abandon it ? 

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