Irish Derby 2022

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Nicely played mate, well done 

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Had a fantastic day and all a bit surreal if being honest, almost went through the card at HQ only just failing on the last race,  it's something I've always wanted to do in life, had 5 a few times and my old man would tell a good story about a day we had at Ayr when Wilsford won the Scottish National. 

Had 5 at Chepstow a few times but still never went through the full card. 

Hollie Doyle today for me stole the show,  that must have been awesome being there at the track along with being part of her win, she provided a lot of race fans a very special moment in horse racing, top drawer ride and a stunning training performance from Alan King,  just a special memory that will never be forgotten. 

My head is bursting just now and got some plum near by either sawing or sanding and it's doing my nut in,  getting a bite to eat then an early night. 

Was a great days racing nuff said. 

Off On holiday on Monday so will sign off the now and catch ya all later 

Be lucky troops 



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Now that’s a bet !

enjoy your holiday x

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