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18 hours ago, Bangers said:

How many years and money has it took to get ? 

Was it worth it ?  

Haha definitely not worth it ,, thats my 3rd 5 scatter on this,  other 2 were higher stakes around £1.80 / £2 (ones my profile pic )  on this game been a bit lucky ,but over 25 years playing slots online , maybe each year between 10k-15k lost , so if we average 12.5k x 25 = £312,500 - 45k in big wins (cashed out and spent on something nice) = £267,500 roughly lost :face_vomiting:so yes i basically lost a decent house  ......... now i am doing ok financially but set limits to £150 a week on 1 site £50 on another (which often i don't max limits as working alot) and play a bit poker ocasionally , but definitely not worth it been through some dark times with online slots in the past 

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