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Star Clusters Megaways 20p stake win

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I deposited £5 in this account earlier in the week, won a few horse racing bets, footy bets and won on roulette to get the balance to where it is now.

£90.82 Start  |  20p Stake  |  STAR CLUSTERS

I have a staking plan for playing the slots based on the stake amount:
10p stake I'll spend no more then £3 (30x stake) on a game
20p stake no more than £6 (30x stake) etc etc.

I believe if a game is going to pay out it will pay within 30x of the initial stake value. (Take note of how a game takes money and then gives it back and how much).

If I get into profit on the base game and that returns 20-30x of profit then that's a stop.

This clip is 17 mins long and you'll see the cost doesn't dip below £6.


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