Criminal by the casinos

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57 minutes ago, philinvicta said:

What it does not say in any of the statements above  is that you will not be allowed to deposit funds through Klarna that  you do not have available in your bank account

Ahhh maybe I stand corrected then I’m blocked from sites so can’t get on to check I just assumed Klarna was strictly for buy now pay later style purchases not a portal like PayPal. Hopefully this has all just been much ado about nothing 😅

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2 hours ago, PlasticSalamander7 said:

It’s not because I personally don’t like them as a deposit method, It’s the fact some people don’t have that mindset of just ‘not using it’ and they can basically get finance on betting sites without their credit rating or any checks on if they can afford to pay it back even being taken into account 

I doubt that very much. There is no chance it can be done the way you explained it. I agree with @MrUKHackz, its exactly like paypal, skrill, neteller or any other wallet.

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On 18/10/2021 at 20:14, andywilliams1187 said:

Apparently videoslots also allow this as a deposit method - can someone check for uk players as i am banned

@MrUKHackz could be worth looking into this as it does not look good if true to be promoting this casino brand




Screenshot 2021-10-20 at 21.27.14.png

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