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6 minutes ago, crazyrightmeow said:

I never win but I am in fuck it.


That made me actually LOL

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7 hours ago, Kinkerbells said:

So I’m not really sure how to make this thread big bold and fancy so I’ll just get to the point lol. I’ve been trying to pull a sweep stake together but had to get rollas permission to this as it caused a little issue last year. After a conversation with him he has not only agreed but he has offered to put every one in with his own money!!!! Originally I was going to say a tenner per person but rolla has very kindly indeed offered to pay 40 people’s entry.

now I have a list of people who I’ve already asked prior to rollas conversation so they will be automatically entered. I had issues regarding people had their messaging function off or not getting back to me. I tried to message people who I knew would be interested so please don’t take any offense me not messaging as I put everything on hold until I heard back from rolla.
I’m hoping @MrUKHackz can help me out in regards to picking everyone’s horse maybe on a wheel or generator as would mean me pulling names out of a hat lol. 
As this is now all paid for it is now and first come first serve basis. Originally I was going to do reserves as some might pull out but as this is now rollas money this will now not be the case.

I am aware that some horses could pull out prior to the race and if this happens there is nothing I can do it will literally be luck of the draw.

this is all a bit of fun and I wanna thank rolla for allowing this to go ahead. I will post horses at some point but first I just need names. 
Remember once it hits 40 people the thread will be closed then reopen for the draw (I hope)

as listed these are the people already confirmed. They have no idea rolla is putting them in they where all expected to pay £10 to be in. This has literally just been confirmed.








@Mad Slasher McGurk@4houghts

@Chair Slots@philinvicta @Gkell727 @Kev40 @Chrissy_M @salfordlad @groundiskey @Blampy @Sgt_bilk0 @Kinkerbells

good luck to you all. There are 20 places left .....go!!!!!





Whoop! Thanks for sorting @Kinkerbells

You're awesome @Rocknrolla


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If there's space then feel free to add me 😂👍 if there's a horse called donut mcdonutface please rig the selection wheel for me 🤣😂

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Adding selection wheel rig joke 😂
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@Rocknrolla a very kind gesture so a big Thank you to you , and of course to @Kinkerbells for initiating the process..... 

Good Luck to you all.... 

and a Thank you to @MrUKHackz who no doubt will be selecting the horses through a huge wheel !! 

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Wrong info

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