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Can someone explain where I'm wrong?


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Ok so I don't play a lot of roulette but I recently played some lightning roulette. And I did great, couple of 200x 
But thing is I bet 25 number whole

I explain my question : 

So there is 37 numbers total

I have a win % of around 66%
and a lose percent of 34% 

If I bet 1$ per number it's 30 per win 
and 25 per loose

30 x 66 = 1980
25 x 34 = 850

Total bet of 2500 per 100 spin

And you also can win lightning numbers... 

So it's a profitable game? 

I know there is no 100 % winning game in casino so where I'm wrong? Explain it to me please


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Lol, No if you believe that go and test it with $1 on every number for hundreds of rounds let me know your result.

Evolution are not stupid whether you put on 5 numbers or 37 numbers as straight up only has a payout to 29/1 your already laying at 37$ if $1 chips.
So each round you're losing UNLESS you actually hit a straight up lightning number which is no easy task as lightning rounds are random and different multipliers eachtime.
Game providers hire mathematicians to create games and they'd think of every possible how players can play the game better to increase their odds.
If you believe the above in the statistics you set out, ask the casinos you play at for a full RTP calculation.
I get why you'd think it tho.

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Yeah don't look at it the way your looking at it. Don't even look at it like roulette. 

Its a game where there's 37 different outcomes. The odds of you picking the correct outcome are 1/37. They pay out 1/29.

Its a winning scenario for the casino. The lightning number compensates only to a point if you can hit it early / get even luckier and can leave. 

I also think the lightning numbers encourage you to back more of the wheel and lose more per spin as a result. 

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