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Breakdbagain and Legend of hydra..playtech sometimes pay.

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Boring to play the same slots i try this shit...( I dont like playtech slots too much) 0.10 stake...give me this hits in  basegame.break da bank respin nice hit included..good weekend.Screenshot_20200904-071236.thumb.png.174ae6b8ee9b4361e92a051878e16b23.png


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Well done buddy , I aree with u on the same slots all the time thing , especially  if you have landed a large bonus on them previously , I would try  to avoid , but always go back , and kick myself  for doing so . as it always ends up in a loss 

I find it amazing how often I play the same 10 - 20 slots all the time ,ha I just can't help it , but admittedly  a lot of the time  I do this is when I'm chasing and playing the all the usual suspects, normally I do try to play different  games 

I always start on low stakes and there is nothing better than getting a big win or two on slots u don't usually play , I mean ,  most casinos have a massive list , yet we never try or forget a lot of the good ones from a while back .

Enjoy our cash bud  n keep up the good work .


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