Omaha Newbe Epic In Its Own Way

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Called up the local casino to find if any poker was on lastnight replied with "yes" get down to the casino to find out its omaha! wasn't happy! so left and sat down for a little google'd the rules and visited back and bought in for £20+7 + 1 add on at £10. 

This is epic in its own way due to me actually going on to winning the competition and still learning a few rules on the final table hahaha! 



So we had x3 tables tonight contributing to a really good, busy & successful Omaha Tournament.

Alex Murray had never played Omaha before tonight. He decided to have a little help from Google to peruse the basic rules of the game. 
Then a crash course in playing & some tips to boot from yours truly ...... 
Then jumped in with both feet .....

Not only did Alex make the final table .... 
Not only did Alex make the final table & cash ....

Alex actually did the unimaginable & won the whole tournament !!!!

To win a tournament at the very 1st time of playing & a difficult tournament like Omaha is a really special feat.

To make it even more impressive there were plenty of seasoned Omaha players in the tournament & on the final table.....
Including last week's winner & self proclaimed 'The Real Deal' Dave Thompson

Alex found himself heads up against Dave
And he had the unenviable task of preventing Dave from back to back wins.

Dave 'The Real Deal' Thompson with a great result again had to settle for 2nd Place following last week's 1st place win.

3rd Place was yet another seasoned player in Simon Cohen

4th Place yet another very good Omaha player, John Moore

5th & last cash Place was another new player to Omaha Frantz Iwu

6th Place Josh 'Bubble Boy' Cosway 
7th Place C,Clarkson
8th Place Michael Quinn
9th Place Mark Holder

Cash table as usual was full with waiting list for most of the night .....


Wednesday's tournament is another satellite - 7pm -


Entry £17 inc reg fee 
x1 Rby or A/o £10 
7.5k / 15k

Re - Entries just £10

(Made £40,000+ last year)

DAY 1A - THURSDAY 29th MAR - 7.30pm - HULL

* You can use any vouchers won to buy into any tournament at Grosvenor Casinos 
* You can win as many vouchers as you like

Thank you for all your continued supportasda.thumb.jpg.39ab290bba5cd68efa2018b74d31521e.jpg

Grosvenor Hull Poker 
Where Poker Lives...


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this takes me back to when i was very young , possibly 6 , i entered my first pass the parcel competition at christmas at primary school against 34 other runners and won it , it was quite an achievement if i say so myself , some of my opponents were way more experienced than me , one of the guys was at least 9 . i won a lego set , great times !!

well played sir !!


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