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7 hours ago, MrUKHackz said:

Alright folks, the boss has asked for me to organise a giveaway for tonights stream. There's 10 high stake bonuses saved already!

Question 1. What will be the biggest feature multiplier in X of the evening (ie 112x). For clarification the result will be what the game says the feature pays, some slots include the trigger amount, some don't.

Question 2. What will be the biggest win in £ of the evening (ie £1800)

The prizes are £200 for 1st place and £75 for 2nd and 3rd place for both of the questions, so a total of £700 up for grabs!

There will also be 2x £100 random prizes for 2 members with over 200 rep points who've guessed in this thread so don't miss out!




Biggest win 5000

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