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Billions of years ago formless beings ruled the universe. Much in the same way that you all aspire to live now they made their days full of all that God provided. Their joy was evident, their purpose clear. To fulfil god’s wishes they formed alliances with the Universality of Love.

These alliances brought great and powerful beings together, and new treaties were forged. In this golden era our technology was great, and our measure of purpose was secured by Truth itself  The corporeal body that you have now did not exist then. We indeed had a defined shape, but were able to modify our appearance and clarify or densify it at will. Pure Thought and truth governed this expression. As a result many of the beings who joined our worlds benefited from our spiritual gifts and enriched their lives greatly. For nearly 15 billion years the peace was maintained in the cosmic array. So now we shall speak about the events that perturbed space and set the universal cosmic wisdom on a collision course with those same beings......


On a small planet in the middle of the Alpha Quadrant events were shaping which would determine the lives of billions, and indeed create the need for your future world, the Earth.

Hidden away in the mountains of Senefos, , a great white wizard was planning to change his purpose to enrich his own people above all others. He had developed a form of thought which bound formless beings together. This form of thought could be attuned to a single matrix. Whosoever controlled this matrix would have power over galaxies of space, and all those who inhabited that space. Indeed he did take all control for himself and in doing so moved into an area of Dark intent and he became white no more and moved forward as a being of darkness. Soon this intent became darkness and began to radiate force over the other universal forms that occupied all space in the Alpha quadrant. From this small beginning an evil catastrophe of universal proportion was about to take place.

God, recognising the evil intent of the wizard, immediately sent a great Light being , to command him to retract his actions. However the wizard was unwilling to give up his self to GOD, and to obey the command, and attempted to move against the Light. This caused a great and inevitable response.

. And so it began............


The great War of Time

The great War of Time had begun. Many areas of universality began to be charged with dark intent and aligned to the false self. Beings from other forms of time, who

existed outside the universality of love entered into the war, bringing new, untested thought weapons for the wizard to apply against the Light. The fabric of Time was compromised by the very density of evil that grew into form. Android technology and biosonic weapons provoked the Light to act quickly to stem the invasion of demonic energies.

Nothing survived the sonic lance .
All form and space, matter and thought in the Alpha Quadrant of the universe weredissolved into plasmic fire.

The Great Warrior of Light, did not choose to destroy the Light matrices present, but the thought files applied by the dark wizard and his allies had bound light and dark matrices together and thus it was impossible to separate friend from foe. The destruction in the Alpha Quadrant was total. All the alien forces that had joined the dark wizard from the future were also vaporised and subjected to subsequent transmigration.

The Great War of Time.......aftermath

The Great Light being took all the thought and material detritus from the great war of Time and encapsulated it into a new form. This form was materially diffuse and disparate, without life. He compounded the form into 300 planets and moved them into the empty area of dark space. He then issued a command that created sixty suns; for each sun he created a polarity, which was aligned to 10 planets. This polarity would apply a force to hold the planets in a specific state. This form of polarity is what humans call gravity. Nine of the planets would have dense material and the 10th is of unseen form. The purpose of this last planet will be made clear later.

On each of the three hundred planets 12 forms of Time constant were created and manifested in five geometric languages. Each of the Time forms spoke all five logarithmic tongues. This golden language has never been activated on the Earth. It will be activated by the silver exercises in the last chapter of Book one.

He then spent 5,000 years in the solar system (earth time), diffusing the thoughts of the dark matter beings until it could be transformed into another substance. This substance is called metal, and represents the beings of all those who applied dark force against the Light during the great war of Time, (excepting Silver and Gold which are plasmically tuned). He transmuted them all into electro-magnetic variables that allowed light to govern their progress in a new control function of space which separated all form into packets of consciousness and layered it universally on thought elevations and seeded it into the fabric of the sacred core of the Universe. At the centre is a planet called earth, and its function is called TIME.



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11 minutes ago, Denman said:

We are here to help Solario...



So kind of you ..... to contribute in your usual inimitable style.....Thank God for humour 😂  

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4 minutes ago, Solario333 said:

So kind of you ..... to contribute in your usual inimitable style.....Thank God for humour 😂  

I thought it was him and his brother trying to catch a chicken

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As TIME progressed and mankind evolved moving ever readily towards the last chapter of Book One. God looked forth and saw what a deeply flawed race mankind had become. He sighed as he saw how vulgar the likes of howfin were. A tear rolled down his cheek as he peered at Kinkerbells and her sexual deviancy. He began to sob as he witnessed the degeneracy of Rocknrolla. His own grand creation, as an architect of the universe had become corrupted and wrong, he knew he had to fix it.


God in the outer realms of quadrant five surrounded by his disciples of creation, the Great Light and the White Wizard of Senefos knew what he had to do to fix the deviant traits of mankind. Using the biosonic mega technology he created the Decepticons. The Emperor of Destruction, Megatron was born. Megatron was tasked with the humbling of mankind. He would do so by spreading a terrible disease that would leave the destructive nature of mankind quelled and solemn. But unbeknownst to God and even The Great Light, the Dark Wizard and some Alien forces still remained. They had survived the Great War of Time by disguising themselves with their megacool cloaking technology as Disciples of Creation. So as the meeting ended and everyone dispersed with God heading back to Mars, and Megatron to Earth. The Dark Wizard cunning and bold, created the Autobots, a race similar to the Deceptions, who's sole purpose was to prevent the Decepticons from nullifying the threat of mankind. The leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime was tasked with stopping Megatron.


Thus began The Great War of Tellus. Pew pew pew, laser beams pew pew, lots of death, pew pew, vaporised pew pew, boom boom pew more laser beams. It was an epic battle. Mankind already ravaged by the terrible disease fought valiantly alongside the Autobots and overcame the Decepticons. Although most knew now of the Autobots and Decepticons after the Men In Black neuralyzed the minds of the vast majority of the populations, a few who knew remained. Optimus Prime became a movie star. A work of fiction in the minds of many. The Dark Wizard and his Alien friends went back into hiding. God although able to reverse and alter this new reality was content with the story the events told.


Sometimes what is worst for us, is what is best for us. Sometimes we have to make the hard choice. Sometimes what we think is best for us, is what is worst.


One day the Decepticons shall return.

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