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Worst gambling year so far ???‍♂️?‍♂️??

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We are all wondering why the online Gambling experience is deteriorating so quickly. It simply isn't good enough for a slot to pay out once in a blue moon .

Yes of course we all want to win the big one , but not at the expense of every day losing  sequences that run and run without any real hope of winning.

Gambling online has become too predatory and unpleasant --- too many megaway  games that just appear to exploit and give very little back. 

Medium variance slots are behaving badly and low variance the same..... every slot is seeming to take a long time to bonus , or only offering small and insignificant bonuses....

Twice recently I have had a zero bonus on a low variance game !!!  and many 40p bonuses .... after 200+ spins..... 

People can win , but games like Fruit warp , Book of Dead,  Immortal Romance , are nowhere near as good as they were two years ago !!! and I just don't understand why since the RTP appears to be the same .... 96-97% ....yet crap bonuses and 100s of spins !!!

So I sympathise with @edcarter91 and conclude that a break is a solid move and will be cheering you on .......

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Enjoy the break . 40k is a lot,  you can do a lot of things with 40k. Maybe take a break till 2021 as like Solario said , it seems that slots are not paying anymore how it used to , no everywhere megaways 

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