GROUNDisKEY's Balance Builder - Roulette app / tool in action

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1 hour ago, groundiskey said:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Most will think the same I imagine, but I can only reiterate 

"I'd like to just add that I'm not selling anything, nor making profit from sharing this, nor am I an affiliated in any way to any casinos.
The only benefit I receive from this is if anybody uses it and makes profit and lets me know. I'm only sharing how I play roulette. 

It is possible to make a website and share content without gaining any monetary value.
(I'm not making any money from back links including, video clips etc., I'm simply sharing something I enjoy for fun nothing else, no hidden agenda).

I don't know of any other way of replying to say that this is all just for fun a hobby, I'm not here to take your money, only to share my game play. ?

Okay bro, I believe you but only for limited time.

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