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We want The Gambling Community to be an enjoyable place for people to chat and discuss all that is gambling related. Please follow our community guidelines to ensure it is. 


  • Please do not post any messages that are abusive, obscene, slanderous, hateful, insult, threaten or harass another user of the forum, racism and sexism will also not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal.


  • Do not make posts that could be considered libellous, opinions are expected and constructive criticism is allowed but do not attack others with unproven accusations of wrongdoing.


  • Please remember to respect other's privacy. In the public forum, do not post real names, email addresses, or other personal information that may be considered private without that person’s consent to do so.


  • Private messages are private, if you share these messages, please request permission to do so. Personal matters should be kept private. 


  • Please don’t post the same message more than once. Cross postings will be deleted and posting privileges may be suspended for doing so. Please use the search function and check to see if the topic already has a thread.


  • Please don’t hijack threads. If you have something to say you may say it, but please respect the original poster by keeping threads on topic. If you have an issue that needs addressing, then please start another thread. 


  • Please don’t multi account, if an account appears to be created specifically to act in a disruptive manner and/or to troll, shill post or promote a specific agenda it will be terminated so please do not exploit this forum to promote your own personal grievances with another user/streamer or website.


  • Please do not post anything with an obvious commercial objective or spam-like behaviour. We ask that advertising material or links is not posted. If you have a commercial or marketing enquiry please contact


  • Forum posts become the property of when posted. Any copying and pasting of posts from this forum to others should be done with explicit permission or with discretion, when in doubt, ask.


And finally enjoy your time here, the forum for the gamblers by the gamblers


Moderation approach

Participants who persistently or seriously ignore the community guidelines will have their posting privileges withdrawn. You may be contacted by an administrator to discuss your participation.


Any posts that do not adhere to the community guidelines will be removed when necessary.


We will never edit posts, if the post does not adhere to guidelines the whole post will be removed.


We welcome feedback and suggestions regarding the forum. Please either use our contact form our email titled ‘forum feedback’.


For queries about your user account, please email titled ‘forum member enquiry’ 


Please note

The opinions and views expressed within this forum do not necessarily reflect or represent the views of The Gambling Community.

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