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Well after my epic win I mentioned the other day at Casimba you never know quite how it's going to go with a new Casino and withdrawals etc, I uploaded loads and loads of documents directly after the win, so many infact customer support emailed me and said they had enough ?

One thing I didn't like was there was no available option to lock the withdrawal, for me this was never going to be a problem, but it could be for others, so maybe they should implement this? 

The money it states stays reversable for 48 hours again why do this, if not to entice people to reverse?

Well today I got my email saying the money has been processed and will be with me in 48 hours but probably quicker.

So all in all I am very impressed, the customer service which is 24 hours are both polite, courteous and prompt.

They seem to have lots of VIP offers which may or may not be some use to regular players, these seem to be in different stages, obviously based on play, all accounts offers a cashback service a bit like VS these are in the way of points that you redeem. The offers on the different stages of VIP offer enhanced bonuses,free bets,free tickets to sporting events and birthday and Christmas gifts, the very top level VIP you have to apply for, so God knows what is on offer there.

There are lots of sign up offers available to new players as well, I never use but I know some do, currently there is a 200% match on.

They have all the big game providers, and have lots of other providers that I have never heard of, as well as live casino etc etc.

Anyway overall I would recommend and if they just sorted there withdrawal lock thing out, I couldn't fault.


I hope this little review helps a few people out and seeing as many Casinos get a bad press I thought credit where credit is due.


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``casimba`` At first I thought you were posting about that lion or something from jungle book ? 

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