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Starburst Free Spins


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5 hours ago, CherryPi said:

Pretty sure this like the jackpot. It's pretty well masked, to lure you thinking it can do better, but no really. Ands it's usually close to min stake, so nice catch! 


100% mate ive used 1000s of free spins over the past 2 years on starburst and to only see this twice is insane.

The majority of the time from free spins i end up winning below like €1 from say 20 spins on 10c bet. Ive often won 0 on 20 spins ?


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6 hours ago, Solario333 said:

Ive never seen the happen outside free spins !!! at Min stake ....Coincidence or not ??? 


However Nice to see ..... Next time I see it will be some streamer using Casino Money , who can afford 10,000 spins a day ..... 

First time i had it was out of free spins and one of my first ever sessions on slots xD

on a 50c bet i think but i never got a pic i hadn't a clue at this point that it was rare  ?

Started recording Raging rhino bonuses later that night, hit a huge one and my uploads pretty much started from then lol

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