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380 x Bonanza

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15 hours ago, Player1173 said:

This must have taken 400 spins to bonus but not a bad result!


Yes a good result for  20p stake..... but 400 spins is rediculous !!!  We are the fools that pay for casinos to extend RTP to the moon ..... so that they can maximise Profit at our expense....... Bonanza is also entertaining , mores than WWTAM and so is DHV. I've no real time for any other BTG slots because they are all too greedy ...... 

I would like to see a Bonus guarantee of 100x placed on this type of slot so that after each 100 spins it increases the guarantee with the number of spins then it would be worth spending 2-3 hours playing....... and a jackpot guarantee for 10,000 Spins ......then it would be interesting !!

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