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Hi all,

My name is Scott, I am 26 from Hertfordshire. I have had a gambling problem since the age of 18 and have tried most things to stop or slow down (apart from rehab). I bet on almost anything going. Casinos, FOBTs, Dogs, Horses, Football and usually at quite high stakes. I earn good money but have never been able to save due to the gambling. In October of last year I put a 5 year ban on myself betting online and that has really helped.

I would love to hear some ideas from you guys on how to stop of slow down, I am all ears.


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Scott I’ve got loads of little things to help but in the end it takes a huge amount of willpower and nothing else long term . Welcome to the forum. 

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Hello and Welcome to the forum

I am agree with @Miller26

You will need a lot of willpower to quit

I tried many myself and i am still gambling

Btw, i am 24 and i gamble since 18

Good luck mate

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Hi Paul,

Sorry I havent logged in since writting the first post.

I have tried in the past but then hate the feeling of not being in control and ask for the money back each month and then blow it. 

My other half is great help and a really good influence on me but I seem to in the same position each month which is getting quite draining on myself and my relationship.

The last 6 weeks has been a lot better and that's simply becuase I have started to put the things that matter first and to take a step back when wanting to gabmle (somethings as simple as walking a different way home from the station after work to avoid to bookies).

I still need to do more so any sort of advice would be much appreciated still.



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Ok here we go ......

When you get paid then decide if and how much you can gamble every month. Set the money aside . Pay all other bills immediately. 

then split the Gambling money into units of 10. so if 100 then 10 units of 10.

Bet one unit at a time either online or in a bookie .  if lose then wait 24 hrs before betting the next unit. 

Change your stakes to fit the budget  i.e. if the unit is 10.00 then do a 20p Lucky 15  .... 3.00 and a few other bets .

Do not collect any winning tickets . Keep them until you have finished the 10 units . 10 days .

after 10 days all will have left is any winning tickets .  cash the amount , divide by ten and start again . Remember if lose no bet for 24 hours .

This will not gain you any money but it will change your perspective about gambling , stakes , winning and losing , and it will be fun. 

However it only works if you obey the rules.....  so give t a try and see what happens :

1. you will apply the rules .

2. you will start well then lose and become angry and blow the lot.

3. you will build up a nice little profit .

4. you will decide you know better and ignore the rules completely . 

5. you will not want to gamble low stakes , because thats all you can really afford ..... so you will hit a decent win and collect it before the ten days and all the discipline will be ignored.

Good Luck let me know if you are going to do this ??

if so post your daily win/ loss on this page.



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