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IR big win!


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18 minutes ago, h0tsh0t87 said:

He posted last week about him , his partner and mates being banned from bonuses - we highlighted our thoughts about him potentially signing up using there details 


so what does he do creates a new account comes on this forum to complain about the same issue 


multiple accounts usage Is banned  on here aswell I believed ??

I’m not on the casinos side but something smells a little fishy ??

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On 21/12/2018 at 02:34, Nicola said:

Nice hit on Immortal ?

Normal procedure to get banned after a big cash-out at any White Hat casino, get half dozen complaints on this every week. Take your money and play elsewhere is your best bet.

Good advice. I would like to see the Gambling Commission take a look at this sharp practise.  Surely  a winner  is allowed ???? Obviously ts greed all the way on some sites....White Hat should be struck off for malpractice. 

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If 21 banned you from taking bonuses because of just one win on one bonus and no other reasons involved then I’ll happily dress as a gimp for all eternity speaking only Klingon!

If you msg me your 21 username I can get someone to look into it for you mate as might have been a genuine mistake from either side

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