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Mother of all Blackjack Sessions


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Is he legit,  the way he gambled these high bets without much hesitation... 7k bet just like that minute ago 800 euro bet was high... . At least I would have tried strategy like mixing 2 seats or betting minimum to catch losing round etc... And let's put thousands on side bets just like that... 

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Probably using affiliation money, such good sessions are not that much rare, had simular one where I had 11 winning hands in a row but all betting 2 digits bets... If I had 1k every month from casino I will be going for 50k too... 

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But never saw all those things below happening at same time. 

1. Had like 4 BJs

2. All on high bets

3. Having so many flush, straight, perfect pairs all on high sidebets 

4. Making 20 and 21 so many times. 

5. Dealer busting so many times while having 10...

6. And probably not risking his own money. 


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1 hour ago, Bangers said:

This just made my Day, what a session Davo had lol


Stonking session @Bangers saw him run one, similar a few months back, not sure if he is already a member here, so I just invited him anyway!!!! ?

Got to feel for the croupier switch, when she sits down and BAM then BAM again 2 hands later.. you can tell from her face, that she is thinking... ooops maybe I should not have come back from my break early!!!!

Had a run yesterday (land based) and got through, 4 different BJ croupiers, not one smiled once!!

At least she smiled after he won massive!!!


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