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Superflip 1 line +229x!


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2 minutes ago, Doingfinenow said:

This game on one line is very underrated imho. It can pay very big wins. For this win I hit 3 diamonds twice and 4 diamonds once during my free spins ?


01-07 superflip +229x!.jpg

Is that 4 big wins in quick succession. You're on fire mate 

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Just now, Doingfinenow said:

Hey, be happy for a lowroller winning big ? It shows others you don't need to bet big to win big ? It could in fact promote responsible gambling. 

Nickslots used to say the very same thing and look at him now. 

Seriously though its great to see any big wins regardless of stake. 

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1 minute ago, Doingfinenow said:

Nah I am a lowroller at heart. I get stressed and can't handle the eyewatering bets mate. 

I used to play £3 usually before I stopped. Its amazing how quick you can offload £100s at them stakes. I don't miss playing them at all

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