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A few Ayrshire snaps


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2 hours ago, Blacko said:

I’ve been this year is dropping fuckers off at Prestwick

Been that Taxi driver many times mate,  the old days at Glasgow airport were simple, drop off point and away,  before some FUDGE came up with the idea of paying, which is another utter piss take. 

A lot of Ayrshire has went badly downhill,  when I was a kid we'd always go to Saltcoats or Ayr, I loved watching the fishing boats come in and was fascinated watching all the Hussle & bussle along with all the smell etc. 

There was a permanent fair beside the swimming pool at Ayr too,  was always busy and we'd usually finish off a day trip in there before the standard chippy before heading back home,  mind doing my pocket money many times on fruit machines that were rigged tae feck,  had a couple of daft fights too when I was a bit older,  all flats now as you'll know. 

Still mind Hanger 13 in Ayr,  only went about 3 times before that girl died from the E and they closed it down, mind you putting up the image a while back from the little arcade, that place was always rammed when I was younger.

Heads Of Ayr was once pretty good,  the old Butlins.  

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