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Found 26 results

  1. Hi all just that I update you all my trip to Malta, having a great time on the beach and weather is great, I went to oracle Casino over there 5 mins away from hotel, went with 250 euros and went upto 750 and could have went to 1k, however I was playing live at the table and I told the croupier 32 neighbours by 5, and it the number came but dealer misheard it and put my chip on 33. This pissed off little bit, I started betting heavy and was up and down, lastly went down to 300 and cashed out. They give new members 10 euro match play on roulette and another for slots, but can only redeem next day. So I thought I'll use the 50 profit for another day. So day 2 went, used the 10 on the slots and managed to make it to 70euros cashed out. Then on the roulette, I could only bet on red, black or high low so I went with red, because I could see there was red/black pattern and won. Changed this to 1 euro chips, played with this and won 50 euros cashed out and that's it. They also give 1 free drink voucher so had blacklabel with Coke and walked out.
  2. Solario333

    Rise of merlin revisited £2 stake

    Placing my grand national tricasts this evening , and thought Id have a go on Rise of Merlin -- higher stake of £2 since have not played for a month. bonus came quickly --- 36 spins. In for 120 .00 -- £450 withdrawn --
  3. Hi all hope your all doing well, now that the dust has settled and weather is much cooler, I am doing a gesture of good will , similar to 4thoughts which I thought was very good of him, by doing a free lottery giveaway for this Wednesday National lottery game. It’s rolled over 4 times so this Wednesday it’s 5th meaning that someone has to win it.( us lot) I will be playing 10 lines and posting on here before 6pm on Wednesday. If everyone can give just 2 numbers between 1-59 please. I will form a 6 number combinations of 10 lines, if we win under £150 I will replay more if we win more than this it will be shared with the people who have given their numbers. It’s approx £12million this Wednesday, i will take the last numbers on Wednesday 6pm. Cheers and good luck
  4. MrUKHackz

    Dead Or Alive 2 234x

    A wild on the bottom of reel 4 would of made each spin around 2000x minimum, I had 7 spins to get it including the 5 extra! To put into context that £200 win could of been 20k, we love the variance though
  5. MrUKHackz

    Razor Shark 943.8x

    *little note, my other big win on this game was 944x, almost exactly the same
  6. MrUKHackz

    300 Shields 1096x

    Got this on Christmas Eve
  7. MrUKHackz

    1247x Medusa 1

    Gotta share this one, not even in the freespins, just the respins you get in the base game!!
  8. @Rocknrolla has won the TGC How many Goals Competition for 2019 He hit the number on the nose 1072 !!! @Crunchienut is second 1066 and @VillaLad is third . Congratulations to all who took part ... it was really close in the end !!!
  9. MrUKHackz

    Raging Rhino 4 Wilds!

    Beauty on £2!
  10. MrUKHackz

    Carnival Queen 332x

    I reviewed this yesterday and played it again last night and hit 332x, definitely one to play if you liked Bonanza! Click here to read the Review!!!
  11. MrUKHackz

    Iron Girl 502x

    So I'm still testing Iron Girl and the review will be up later, it's definitely growing on me, better have a few more spins and check!
  12. MrUKHackz

    Dead Or Alive 536x

    no wildline but landed some 5 of a kind boots, end result 536x for £289.56
  13. MrUKHackz

    Iron Girl 480x

    Just testing this new slot out for a review and used my own money rather than demo play and I got this treacle of a win!
  14. MrUKHackz

    Gun Slinger Mega Win

    Got this yesterday testing it out for the review!
  15. Okay guys, I had a massively successful, lucky session last night. Disclaimer; I have been degen gambling the past 2 years and it has only got worse the past 6 months that I was earning a full time salary. Basically I was -£3000 on Student Overdrafts and around £1500 in debt to pay day loans. I am writing this story to this forum because I don’t really have any where else to share it because nobody knows about the financial problem. What I done was stupid but I honestly felt I had no other option and got extremely lucky and don’t recommend this to anyone. I have been spending every months salary in one night to try and run up enough on BJ to clear off the debts and most of the time I peaked at a decent amount that I would have been comfortable with and then eventually lost it all. I got paid on Friday and lost my full salary playing on a shitty casino that I only played on because i want fully verified on the new casino I planned to play on. I normally play big stakes on live casinos because I suspect computer BJ to be rigged and just highly volatile. Anyway I had £800 student loan payment in last night, I planned to deposit £200, £300, £300 to benefit from the parachute bonuses. I ended up busting the first two deposits quickly on computer BJ because live wasn’t working. My final £300 was deposited and it was my last chance to get out of this hole. Span it up nicely to £1200 . Went back and quickly got to £1500 and thought okay great I can use this balance tomorrow after work and properly play on live BJ. Couldn’t sleep so went back and decided to play some slots just for a few spins played some random Bulls4you slot and after 7 £2 spins I £1000 rolled in! I was instantly up to that comfortable mark that would pay off pay day loans and have enough until next month. I played slow and steady on computer BJ again and just had the same pattern of multiple wins, 1 loss, multiple wins. I was playing around £75-£120 bets. Before I knew it I was at £4,000 and was in the sweet spot. But it didn’t end there I kept playing in this steady pattern and knew my balance wasn’t at risk because I didn’t have any bad runs of losses. When I got to around £6k I was just amazed that I could clear all debts. But kept going at the steady pace. I was say, get to £7.5k and before I knew it a BJ or double paid off and I was past £8k. I played at that level for a bit and when I fell back to just below £7k I did up the stakes to around £150 and sometimes £200 and risked a bit. But got back to £8.5k and was feeling here I may not be invincible so once I got past £9k I stopped and the balance is currently withdrawn stage. Okay I know this is pure degen but it was the financial situation that kept me gambling. I am finally free and also have an insane extra cash that I would never have dreamed I could achieve atm. Time to make up for time lost gambling and relationships I allowed to diminish. I got lucky and I count this as a blessing. I am sorry for long post just had to tell people this epic story. If you are struggling I don’t suggest doing this I get lucky and it will not happen 99%. D
  16. MrUKHackz

    Twin Spin Cherry Fest

    Cheeky win on Twin Spin
  17. MrUKHackz

    Laser Fruit 470x

    £25 in after Rolla's stream last night, finally gave me 50 spins, then re-triggered to give a total of 125 spins, then did bugger all right up till the last few spins but I'll take it
  18. MrUKHackz

    Danger High Voltage 660x

    Had countless bonuses on £1, £2, £3 and a good few on £5, but I get the big win on 60 pence
  19. Was playing with a 1k deposit last night and had great momentum. Doubled the bankroll and play a bit of High Voltage for a while on £3 stake. Had 2 bonuses, both less that 30x. Then I went back to blackjack and had great run and got to 2,800. Stupidly want back to high voltage and then moved to £6 spins. Had one feature when went down to £1500 but wa only for £250. Eventually my bankroll dropped to £500 and I lost the remaining on blackjack. So annoying but sure
  20. Here's a question... Who here gets tilted by mega teases? And when I say mega tease I mean where reels slow down and the music changes not just two of the scatters you need appearing on the first few reels. I know the argument is that it is a bit of fun to heighten the anticipation but is that really the case or are they something a bit more sinister? I've lost track of the number of times now where, either on a FOBT or online I have had tease after tease after tease only for nothing to hit - although they do appear to hit more often on smaller stakes. Do people enjoy them? Do people get motivated to somehow 'beat' them for a win and lose their shirt? I for one would be happy if they were scrapped but what do others think?
  21. WezLeeD

    White Rabbit 702x basegame hit

    Yeah I know it was only a 10 cent bet but still a nice 702x win in the basegame.