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Found 36 results

  1. slots4fun777

    Primal Megaways

    Get in @Chrissy_M
  2. slots4fun777

    Etenal Phoenix Megaways

  3. slots4fun777

    Sword of Khans Free spins

  4. slots4fun777

    Streaming on youtube

    As I have been asked on Rolla's stream why I am not streaming anymore on twitch I decided to stop spamming on his stream and let people know, on his forum , that I am going to stream every Friday on youtube. You can find me here if you want to watch it. So, I will see you tonight from 21:00 on youtube. All the best and stay safe!
  5. Freddy from the hood

    24 hour charity stream '' The Wendy house ''

    Good evening my g's. A while back i posted a topic about a charity for the children in southampton hospital ( read the topic back for specific info about the charity ) Great news is that the charity is in next month's poll ! Thanks to Hackz and (vegan) Rolla. Now the next thing , Roger ( from Love is a gamble ) got a nice side idea to raise money for the charity as well. The plan is to life 24 hours in a so called Wendy house ( play house for kids ) in the backyard of his home, with nothing more then a laptop and a couple life supplies. ( think about some food and water ) But Roger also got a wheel, not sure if its going to be a virtual wheel or like a fysical wheel, but there is def going to be one, with funny/crazy things on them for Roger to do. 1 donation ( small or big ) is good for 1 spin on the wheel. Do you picture it ? A grown ass man locked up for 24 hours in a play house for kids , cant stand up straight, cant lay down properly, a wheel with crazy crazy crazy things on it, so on and so on.... And its going to be all LIVE ! But wait you think thats it ? Nah my g... There is also a suprise guest lined up... a very ''famous'' one in the community.... So if you want to know who this is ? and how this is going to end ? Tune in Saturday July 28, 7pm on Twitch or Youtube on the Love is a gamble channel ( link posted below ) And dont forget to bring your good vibes ( and some money for the charity ofcourse.... nah, joke my g , if you aint got nothing just watching is good enough... but some money is def appreciated... its all for the charity ofcourse ) , and lets see how Roger is going to survive the crazy tasks from the wheel, and 24 hours in the Wendy house. Sounds like a f*king movie. We hope to see yall this Saturday July 28, 7pm on or For Charity, kids in Southampton hospital. Roger ( mr love is a gamble )
  6. MrUKHackz

    Streaming Integration!!!

    You will be pleased to hear that you can now watch Rocknrolla live directly from thegamblingcommunity! Iv set it up today so there may be some teething problems but Im running a test stream as I type this and its on full screen playing perfectly. All you have to do to watch is click on this when you see Paul's live. (obviously that says me as he hasn't gone live yet, but you get the idea!) The stream box is over to the right hand side of the forum home page just underneath the latest wins box Iv found 2 bugs and they will be fixed by the end of the week, 1 is that chat is not showing and the second is something a bit more techy ? The idea is that you can now log into here with your twitch credentials and chat away without having to actually visit twitch, good eh! You can also visit Rolla's profile and theres a twitch tab showing his latest uploads