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Found 65 results

  1. Solario333

    Tinkering on Multifly

    So I had £20 leftover on Unibet from last week and decided to play Multifly @20p , after seeing it on a stream ..recently . So after about 30 spins I got this bonus ..
  2. Solario333

    Tinkering on Bonanza 40p stakes !!

    My last £20 on Unibet was lost in record time so I deposited £40 on WH and played Bonanza @40p. After about 25 spins a Bonus happened and it was +5 so .....Happy Days !! £150 withdrawn....£25 for another day ...
  3. Solario333

    Tinkering on Genie Megaways !!

    Had a good break last week and now my first day back ....£1 units , 70 spins in ....
  4. Solario333

    More Little Minnows from yesterday !!

    Just racing today ..... here are a couple from last night....
  5. So I just busted out of a Bounty Tournament with £57 profit and decided to play Pink Elephants 2 ..... down to £6 left when the bonus hit ...
  6. Just having my morning tea , and noticed I had a small balance on WH ... played WH Megaways and 10 spins in .......base Hit !! Good start to the day out to lunch !!!!
  7. Solario333

    Captain Venture £1 stake !!

    Decided to raise a little since I've already withdrawn twice ..... good decision , on this occasion ....
  8. Congrat I love Capitan Bob
  9. Solario333

    Sword of Khans 50p

    Still tinkering after a withdrawal from earlier
  10. Solario333

    Tinkering on Scarab Queen

    Just waiting for the racing to begin .....playing scarab queen £1 stake ......
  11. Solario333

    Tinkering on DHV --40p stake 421X

    Just playing low stakes --- DHV after 40 spins !!
  12. Solario333

    Ghandalf min stake wildline !!

    on Partpoker , having a break , decided to play a slot ......Look what happened ---- couldn't grab the screen quick enough...
  13. slots4fun777

    Atlantis BIG win

  14. PhantomJoker

    I’m feeling lost.

    I really don’t know what the hell is going on. I’m feeling frustrated and confused. I am not a high stakes gambler. I bet 40p. 60p at most. As of late, I’ve been feeling frustrated, tired and pathetic. For some reason, I cannot hit features at all. Nothing! I’ve lost hundreds of pounds on tiny stakes just trying to get something to feature but nothing is working. it’s never been like this and I am feeling so demotivated right now. I feel like I have to pack this in even though I don’t want to. it’s just gotten so ridiculous. Just now, I went 400 - 500 spins on DHV no bonus. I might be a little naive if that sounds reasonable but I’m so tired of missing at everything. if I try to hit on table games. BJ is a constant 16 or 13. I am starting to feel like it’s a joke and I’m the only one not in on it. i just want a little pick me up. But instead I always get my face spat in. It’s crazy that even at my little stakes, you lose so much. Gambling youtubers don’t help. Don’t get me wrong, I know Rolla and the like have struggled to get features BUT THEY ACTUALLY GET THEM EVENTUALLY. Sorry, I just came here to rant. I may have to hang up my gambling hat because it’s making me so upset. I’m only a young man and I don’t want to be like this for much longer. Funny thing is, I was still happy getting bonuses that didn’t pay. A feature’s a feature. But it feels like casinos have gone into thief mode since COVID19. Lost so much and feeling like a complete idiot. at 40p stakes.
  15. Rocknrolla

    Nozzer Slots

    Great wee channel forming
  16. I for one have greatly enjoyed the last few streams .over the last week as a massively welcome break from the corona virus news which is everywhere. Paul has with his usual style made some very entertaining footage of bonus hunts , mostly not paying too well , but the odd one doing very well , and only ruined the end of yesterdays stream by playing Lightning roulette ,which should be banned , so crooked it is . All said the old favourites , like DHV, DOA. Steamtower and Madame destiny all played a part , along with many of the newer slots like Lil Devil , and Jammin Jars..... so great stuff ......
  17. So while I was watching the racing I had this on the other screen ...... 60p stake...
  18. So observing the recent huge returns on small stakes that @Nicola has achieved by grinding one slot for 8 hours a day ...and subsequently hitting some excellent returns .....What is your experience or strategy for todays slots ?? 1. Are you a Grinder ? 2 . Do you pick and mix , flitting from one to another ?? Does it work .... or like me do you do a little of both according to your mood / bankroll.
  19. Hi all just that I update you all my trip to Malta, having a great time on the beach and weather is great, I went to oracle Casino over there 5 mins away from hotel, went with 250 euros and went upto 750 and could have went to 1k, however I was playing live at the table and I told the croupier 32 neighbours by 5, and it the number came but dealer misheard it and put my chip on 33. This pissed off little bit, I started betting heavy and was up and down, lastly went down to 300 and cashed out. They give new members 10 euro match play on roulette and another for slots, but can only redeem next day. So I thought I'll use the 50 profit for another day. So day 2 went, used the 10 on the slots and managed to make it to 70euros cashed out. Then on the roulette, I could only bet on red, black or high low so I went with red, because I could see there was red/black pattern and won. Changed this to 1 euro chips, played with this and won 50 euros cashed out and that's it. They also give 1 free drink voucher so had blacklabel with Coke and walked out.