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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, Just wanted some advice. A couple of months ago I was self excluded by GAMSTOP. When I relapsed through my mistake on my own, I registered with an account on Hollywoodbets and deposited a large sum of money (I think close to £1000). I asked for my deposit back and spoke to Hollywoodbets who said a few details conflicted with those on GAMSTOP. For the purposes of this thread I'm going to anonymise the data.This is what their email stated in March 'We have reviewed your proof of Gamstop and taking serious consideration of the facts, we respectfully advise that your request for a refund of your deposits has been declined.Please be aware that the following details registered on Gamstop is different from the details you ussed to register with Hollywoodbets : Name is XY with us and gamstop is X Address has a . on back office Email used with us X gamstop must be Y This is the reason the current self-exclusion was not picked up by the system and your account was not blocked on registration.' For your information my full legal first name is XY. After reading some posts on here I'm not sure whether to reopen this case again as I realise that at least 2 of their reasons are false. The second one is utterly bizarre. I don't consider an email address to be a marker of identity. This all happened back in March. My question is - do I have grounds to reopen this case and pursue my deposits back? Thanks
  2. Annonymous72

    Self Exclusion Refund

    Hi guys,I’m new to this site and I’ve just created a new account to ask for your advice on an issue I’ve been having. I’ve researched the same problem elsewhere and I’ve seen that the individuals have been successful in their appeal. Basically, Paddy Power and Betfair have merged together and if you self exclude due to a “gambling problem”, you cannot make a new account on the other site. Long story short, I have been able to make a new account (unaware of the merger) and have lost a few hundred £. Upon discovering that the companies merged, I submitted a complaint describing the above and how it should have been prevented. However, on both accounts I have a separate address (as I moved house recently) and a different email address. Betfair are refusing to accept responsibility and reimburse me as “Your Betfair account credentials were different upon registration and so were not identified and matched. I appreciate you may have moved to a new house and updated your email address but without that new information stored on file we are unable to detect on information we don’t have. We do include in our terms and conditions a requirement for customers to update us when their personal details change and this is one of the principal reasons why.”I do understand what they are saying but my new address is within less than a 1 mile radius and I have an extremely uncommon surname so I believe my new account details could have been easily detected. I have also threatened to send communications to the Gambling Licensing Authority as they have breached their license by allowing a self excluded gambler to continue gambling.Does anyone have any advice on what to do next?
  3. High stake sessions should require some sort of vetting system and membership before being able to spend a shit load of money. I have self excluded myself from the Ladbrokes near to where I work twice via gamble aware and by filling in the self exclusion form yet I walk in just last week a blow 2.5k! But Im told it’s a voluntary exclusion - what the fuck does that even mean! Am I being dumb or should the bookies treat customer the same as in a casino by having a registration to be allowed in? Fuck the fobts Tom