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Found 1 result

  1. ** Long winded explanation of the ins and outs.... scroll towards the bottom of this post for a bullet point list to give an idea! Choose a team to win. Choose a margin they will win by, that is basically it ** Right then ladies and gents, not sure who may be up for this one but in a similar format to the Football competition which is running I'm starting up a prediction comp' for the up and coming Rugby League season. If people think there's already too much going on then we'll just leave this one. The first match of the 2019 Betfred Super League takes place on the 31st of January and so this is obviously when the competition will start. Each round of the Super League features 6 matches and every game will count during each game week. As per the football, players will be given a point for a correct prediction (Home win, draw, away win). Those who love to stick down all draws in the football, well, beware because they do not happen that often in League! A draw is also for the result after 80 minutes, as golden point is in play this season which is basically sudden death. In addition to predicting the winner you will also need to stick down a winning points margin for the chance to add an additional point to your score for that match. The points margins will be the same as the betting margins which (from memory, so this is to just be used as an example for now) are something like 1-5, 6-10, 11-15 etc. The point for the chosen margin will only be awarded should it be the team you choose to win though! With this in mind, anyone correctly predicting a draw gains themselves 2 points for that match. This is open to all who want in, but, we need an even number so unfortunately it'll be first come first served with the last person not being included should they be an odd bod. The prediction matches for each round will be drawn randomly by me, it is possible that not everyone will play each other throughout the season. It will solely be down to luck of the draw who you get but I will keep a record of who has played who to avoid duplicates (unless required). The maximum possible points for each round is 12 and the winner of each match is obviously the one who scores highest. Each winner will be given two points for the table and a draw scores 1 point for each player. A bonus point will also be given to anyone scoring 12 points for any given game round. On a SERIOUS note, anyone who takes part in this competition and refers to this wonderful game in a derogatory manner WILL be deducted a point from the table. Terms such as egg chasers will most definitely NOT be tolerated! Anyway, the prediction league will run until the end of the regular season with a winner being awarded then. There will then be playoff games (run in the same format as the way league is itself) this means the top 5 players in the league will take part in knockout games. I will sort and list details for this closer to the date (a long time away yet) in order to try and save on any confusion. Sorry this is a long winded one (as normal for these things) but in short: * Predict the results of 6 matches each week. A point for each correct prediction * Predict the winning margin for your chosen teams, bonus point for each correct prediction * 2 League points for the winner of a match, 1 point each for a draw * Bonus (League) point for anyone scoring 12 during any game round * League Champion crowned at the end of the regular Rugby League season (total of 24 matches for this comp) * Playoff matches to follow the end of the regular season with the top 5 playing knockout games (benefit to those who finish 1-3) Mr Rolla has kindly confirmed a prize pool meaning the following prizes will be available: £10 free bet (or £10 cash should you not want to bet) for the highest points total over each 6 game weeks (5 for the last one). This is the scoring points total (prediction total, max of 72 points) across each of the 6 game weeks and not the total points won £150 Prize for the winner of the regular season or a spin on the mega prize wheel (winners choice) £50 Prize (or spin on the wheel) for the winner of the playoffs Anyway, if people can give me a heads up so I have an idea on numbers (or not) that'd be great ?