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Found 20 results

  1. Zen Master

    Even when you win you lose

    Robin: Holy Ravioli Batman, did Kon Tiki Roulette just turn 70 pence into 72 quid on the first three spins of his stream (TKTRC 46 Roulette Parallel Volatility Strategy High Baseline) Batman: Yes Robin, he did, but on the fourth spin he had a fiver on number 14 and it went next door into number 20 Robin: So he could have won another 180 quid off 70 pence Batman: Yes Robin, but it gets worse, if had started the stream two minutes earlier he would have had another 3 hits at the max bet and won over 300 quid off 70 pence Robin: Just goes to show, even when you win you lose
  2. "Is Evolution gaming really fair ?" I know it's a sensitive topic but i am gonna explain myself, First of all, i know a gambler lose's most of the time and overall is not a winner It is not because i've been losing. I accept it. But i do not like their ways of doing things I like to gamble. I used to do a lot but now much less than before. But anyway... Here is the thing My main issue has been roulette I used to play a lot on "Evolution gaming" But now, i am afraid to play on them purely because there is something unfair on there games From my point of view, i think they scam people. Especially on roulette I can not prove this of course but when you see some spins, the ball gone madness To support my arguments, here is a vid that is very clear to me So how can the ball get stuck like that between two numbers without falling ???!!! It's like there's a magnet that's stuck the ball between those two numbers Of course, that's not the only one there is so many on Youtube... That's so unfortunate to see so many people being ripped off from them ? I made this topic because it's important to me Unfortunately, we can't do much more against them. But I really hope one day the truth will be revealed So be aware guys !!!
  3. Hi guys, From the 14th till the 20th of March we will be running a special Live Roulette Table: Cheltenham Roulette. During the promotion there is a prizepool of £20.000 and at least 203 winners. The prizes: 1st = £5000 2nd = £3000 3rd = £2000 4th to 203rd = £50 For each £5 wagered you get a ticket for the draw. The top 3 prizes will be drawn live on the table on the 22nd of March @ 17:00 hours. The remaning 200 prizes will be done through RNG and the winners will be announced the 24th of March. As L&L Europe were often quite lucky with network promotions. And in order to boost the chances I will be giving away a £10 free bet, so at least gain 2 tickets for the draw or even many more if you manage to hit a lucky streak. How to get your £10 free? - Send me a PM with your All British Casino username. Terms? - You need to be an active member at The Gambling Community; - You need to have an active real money account at All British Casino; - If you register during the promotion period, you are eligible for the free bet if you signed up via The Gambling Community and hold a real money account; - Eligibility is restricted for suspected abuse; - It is mandatory that the free bet is used on the Cheltenham Roulette table that will go live monday during the morning; - The intention of this offer is to let you generate tickets for the draw, therefore double up and withdrawal may result in voiding winnings and a withdrawal decline, please use this promotion as intented; Questions? Shoot! Kr. Jan
  4. Hello to all, For those that don't know me I enjoy live dealer roulette, I like the many different staking options, strategies and or systems you can apply to this table game. Earlier this evening I did a live stream on YouTube I'm sharing with anybody that's interested how I play live dealer roulette. This YouTube clip shows and PROFIT and STOP game play £100 start 50p per number covering 9 straight ups £4.50 per spin this will command a return of 3/1=£13.50 2/1=£9.00 or Even money=£4.50 on the spin cost value. 4 days per week for 4 weeks, 16 days of play total Day 1 of 4 Week 1 of 4 At the end of week 4 I want to see if I can return a profit.
  5. Hi all just that I update you all my trip to Malta, having a great time on the beach and weather is great, I went to oracle Casino over there 5 mins away from hotel, went with 250 euros and went upto 750 and could have went to 1k, however I was playing live at the table and I told the croupier 32 neighbours by 5, and it the number came but dealer misheard it and put my chip on 33. This pissed off little bit, I started betting heavy and was up and down, lastly went down to 300 and cashed out. They give new members 10 euro match play on roulette and another for slots, but can only redeem next day. So I thought I'll use the 50 profit for another day. So day 2 went, used the 10 on the slots and managed to make it to 70euros cashed out. Then on the roulette, I could only bet on red, black or high low so I went with red, because I could see there was red/black pattern and won. Changed this to 1 euro chips, played with this and won 50 euros cashed out and that's it. They also give 1 free drink voucher so had blacklabel with Coke and walked out.
  6. If anybody's interested I've attached an Open Office calc document that calculates European roulette returns for both regular roulette and Lightning / Quantum roulette Based on amount of numbers covered and stake also shows the odds returned on spin cost value. Roulette returns.ods
  7. Spins that don't register!! So one of the most frequent other dangers to online roulette which seems to be happening more often is the spin that didn't register! I've probably had it happen to me about 30 times and is it just coincidence that only about 5 times it worked in my favour and about 20 of the failed ones I had serious money on a jackpot number?! I'm not saying its rigged but like todays one (link below) it always seem to happen for no reason, you can see I placed the bet 1min before the spin, there was no lag etc and a big punt finally came in and oh ofcourse it didn't register and ofcourse the next spin did and it was a loss! You can fast forward it to around the 1.50 mark as I only uploaded it in full as I sent this off to them and wanted to show from opening the game to the dodgy spin! I was on a wee bit of tilt and as my deposit limit there is £250 I just went straight for it! Odds of getting paid out in full 100/1, odds of getting a £250 bonus 1/50! ?
  8. I've been taking whatever the Prize Drop gives me if anything, today it paid £2.36. I spent that playing Razor Shark and this happened...10p stake 800x win. then I played at 20p stake didn't do much on that stake and stopped at £66 then went over to roulette for a splurge, I played a negative progression to begin with then a positive progression ...£210 end balance all withdrawn. 9 straight ups each spin, 20 spins 7 wins, 15 mins played, £144 profit playing roulette.
  9. Hi passionate roulette colleagues, I have been competing with RNG online roulette already 16+ years. Base on this long time experience I have put together certain rules how to take maximum advantages playing online roulette. I share this knowledge with you on my several webpages. I have also so far developed 23 Apps for online roulette money management and numbers predictions. Maybe this info can help you to improve your playing style and become profitable, maybe not as nothing is guaranteed. I also offer App for FREE if you want to give it a try. As mentioned already, I share my experience and live real money sessions on YouTube, already 385+ videos to give you motivation and inspiration. I will be happy for your feedback, ideas, comments. Have a nice day Petr
  10. I for one have greatly enjoyed the last few streams .over the last week as a massively welcome break from the corona virus news which is everywhere. Paul has with his usual style made some very entertaining footage of bonus hunts , mostly not paying too well , but the odd one doing very well , and only ruined the end of yesterdays stream by playing Lightning roulette ,which should be banned , so crooked it is . All said the old favourites , like DHV, DOA. Steamtower and Madame destiny all played a part , along with many of the newer slots like Lil Devil , and Jammin Jars..... so great stuff ......
  11. Here you go guys, a sneak peek at the new FOBT roulette, and my god does it look bad!
  12. Antonin

    3,7k hit

    Where is the cashout button ? That's money back from december but .... little bit degen
  13. MrUKHackz

    Super Casino Roulette YIKES !!!

    Paul linked this video in the stream last night so for anybody that missed it, check out this ball!!! Personally I don't see magnets, I see a ball that's as wobbly as one of those joke golf balls you can buy that roll all over the place, sometimes even back towards you lol. Enjoy!
  14. BGD

    Lightning Roulette

    A few days ago, I saw LetsGiveItASpin play evolutions new roulette game: Lightning Roulette. Because I do not gamble online (only land based casinos), I'm very curious what you think of it. Whether it's to volatile, if the lower RTP is worth the entertainment, etc Straight bets can be multiplied by 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500x. If there not multiplied they pay 30:1. All other bets such as splits, streets, corners, six line, dozens, columns, low/high, even/odd and red/black pay the same as normal roulette. RTP straight bet: 95.5% (first rough calculation), other bets 97.3%
  15. Dirtydavey


    Hey guys ! Just wanted to say hi my names dirtydavey ! I've been watching rocknrolla for a few days now and after watching on YouTube and subscribing I was wondering how you guys comment on and watch the live streams ? Ive just joined this site / forum literally just now so I'm new and don't have a clue lol good luck to anyone having a gaming session tonight peace dirtydavey
  16. MrUKHackz

    Immersive Roulette

    Iv only ever done small spins on this game, maybe £20 max, got a bit involved earlier and luckily hit 23 with £20 on, scary game
  17. Have a look at this teaser folks, for anyone who is a fan of computerised table games these look absolutely stunning. Iv said it before and I'll say it again, these graphic's look fit for the latest animated blockbuster, theres so much attention to detail, however aren't animated blockbusters for children?! Watching this video I was waiting for Buzz Lightyear to pop up with a deck of cards or Moana to spin the roulette wheel!
  18. Rachyleww

    Breaking your limit.

    Hello! Does everyone remeber when they first spent to much and you felt the worse guilt you’ve ever felt, and now you spend that amount with ease? I’m interested to know everyone’s moments when the value of money disappeared for you, mine was I blew £150 in one sitting on some shitty bingo site playing them awful Tetris block games were they have like different amounts in the blocks. Now I can piss double or triple that and not even feel 10% of the guilt I did then. Let me know ?