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Found 26 results

  1. Rocknrolla

    Tgc Poker League/Season 1

    The TGC Poker League has now been sorted on the website! I think I might vary the games up a little each week but going to run it for a season with maybe even some small prizes/cash at the end for the top ten! Still seeing this as a bit of trial so will see how it all goes.
  2. Solario333

    Captain Venture £1 stake !!

    Decided to raise a little since I've already withdrawn twice ..... good decision , on this occasion ....
  3. Congrat I love Capitan Bob
  4. Solario333

    Ghandalf min stake wildline !!

    on Partpoker , having a break , decided to play a slot ......Look what happened ---- couldn't grab the screen quick enough...
  5. Rocknrolla

    Brutal Poker!!!

    So playing in the poker festival main event and to cut a long story short (as I am massively tilted) I run like shit but still grind away for 14 hours and manage to triple my stack with just position raises and bluffs!! 1 hour left of Day 1a and after tilting the guy in SB previous hand we get into a big one preflop and for once I have a legit KK with a rainbow flop of K,10,6. I bet big he calls and a 9 comes on the turn and we get it all in and he turns over QJ and it holds ofcourse! The worst thing about this is the pure grind I put in and some great plays that just come to nothing. Its poker ofcourse
  6. Rocknrolla

    How to deal with bad beats?

    I'm on a current run of not being able to leave the bad beat and suckout city and every time its hurts and tilts that little bit more! I know its percentages and they are inevitable but for me as a gambler they are hard to take! Recently in London I lost on the river after 11 hours of grinding and 10mins of day1 to go to a 9% outer. I'm not going to list all the bad beats recently but that one hurt mainly as I would have been near the chip lead and just all the effort, hassle, good plays and time I put into these trips to get nothing out. I've looked up many techniques in how to help deal with bad beats and I think they would work for a lot of people but not those who aren't professional players or have that gamble gene in them. So I just wanted to share what method of poker tilt therapy I used recently that helped somewhat. After receiving the river blow I got up said well done and good luck to the table, walked quickly but calmly past the slots and roulette and out the front door. Took a few breaths and walked back to the hotel slowly analysing my days play. I ordered some junk food (no alcohol) and had a movie ready. Before the movie I watched some funny youtube vids (links below) that I can't help but laugh to due to the reactions and laughing of the people filming. Anyway just thought I'd post it as nothing else has really ever worked for me and also to keep the clips of the vids in one place and maybe add to them.
  7. slots4fun777

    The Easter Beast

    Is there anyone who will come today at the Easter Beast?
  8. THREAD WILL BE LOCKED AT 4PM (UK) ON FRIDAY THE 8TH OF MARCH So this will be the same structure as last time except I'm not giving away any cash game action as I'm not aiming to do much. Its a super six structure with the six games being - Celtic vs Aberdeen Manchester City vs Watford Sheffield United vs Rotherham Huddersfield vs Bournemouth Southampton vs Tottenham Wimbledon vs Doncaster 1pt for a correct result and 3pts for the correct score. 1st place gets 7.5%, 2nd & 3rd get 2.5% each of any cashouts I get during the main event and side events in Barcelona. If the likely event happens and I don't get any cashouts then you'll each win a prize wheel spin.
  9. Rocknrolla

    EPT Prague Update!!

    So after some confusion with flights, hotel, dates etc I ended up in Prague last night! Decided to venture over for some cash games where I was told they only except Czech Krona (I only have euros) for cash games and only euros for the tournaments?! Had a look at the tourneys and theres was a 10k highroller and a €135 satellite for the 1k mtt I was aiming for on the Saturday so went for that. Without trying to sound arrogant (I know I'm still a fish) it was pretty easy, even to the point of folding K,Q on a flop of K,Q,J (all hearts) after the initial raiser check raised my flop bet ( he showed 9,10 of hearts). It was a different setup where once you had a 100k stack you won a ticket but any chips you had leftover you could keep playing to try and win more, I won 1 and lost a flip for a 2nd (William Kassouf won 3 tickets). So Saturdays €1.1k ept National event I got in for €135 and didnt bother with cash games as my bank wouldn't allow a big enough withdrawal in Czech Krona to make it worth it. Day 1a, starting stack 30k chips. After calling down a few bluffs I had 38k chips which was pretty good considering there was just a big blind of 100 at that level. I then got into a bit of a big preflop battle with a pretty loose player, I had K,10 both spades and pot was already at 6k. Flop comes 6,10,10 (two diamonds), I'm in position, he bets 4k and I just call (mainly as I thought I had by far the best hand and wanted him to bluff away some more chips at it). Turn comes Q of clubs, he checks and I bet 8k, he then shoves which I call and he turns his cards over showing J,9 both diamonds. River comes a 3 of diamonds and I'm down to 3.6k in chips. 3.6k in chips is pretty poor but at this stage its still around 20 big blinds. I contemplated just shoving anything as I could still rebuy for the original 1.1k I planned to anyway but decided to grind away at it and after 6 hours got back to 38k. Then 10mins before dinner break I have AK in the small blind, UTG bets 2k (blinds are 500,1k at this point), it gets folded round to the button who shoves 30k all in. This player had shown previously in his play he did these sort of things when he had hands he wasn't sure how to play with his chip stack, so was putting him on hands of AQ, AJ or smaller pocket pair so at worse against him I would be flipping. I go all in and UTG tanks for a minute then calls with JJ and the button shows KQ, so I'm dominating one and flipping against the jacks! Flop comes 2,3,5 so I picked up another out but turn is a 9 and river a 6 ? 680 odd players entered and I ended up 340th with top 100 getting cash and into day2, so had I won that flip I would of had a huge stack to play with and a good chance at making it. I still feel good as playing on with the short stack I ended up with a good go at it and saved myself another 1.1k buyin which I will now use to play in the day1 b event tomorrow for another shot into day2. Went and had a veggie mcdonalds then back to hotel as I don't know anybody here. Watched some poker, had no alcohol and now getting an early ish night ready for tomorrow to hopefully at least enjoy another days poker action! Much love!
  10. Rocknrolla

    Starting to get noticed??

    Currently in Dublin for the Unibet Open. Although feeling like crap I crawled over to the venue and made good profit in cash games and came third in a small side event, unfortunately it wasn't a very big field but still won £8,600. Even though I scared most with my black eye it may have worked in intimidating some to my favour ha!
  11. Rolla will be on the feature table anytime soon, the stream is live on the home page of the forum on the right hand side, be there or be square!!
  12. It's my pleasure to announce Rocknrolla will be on the main feature table tonight at 5:30pm with non other than the tennis legend Boris Becker, whats better than this you may ask? I'll tell you, you can watch it here live on TGC!!! Iv added battle of Malta's twitch channel to our members list and you will see the stream is live as we speak on the homepage over to the right hand side, the event with Borris will start at approx 5:30pm, be there or be square!! Don't forget if you sign in here with your twitch account you can also use the live chat feature while watching from the comfort of the TGC Ronza lounge, get the flying fudge in there folks! The Battle of Malta live stream will start at 5.30pm this evening, covering the charity Sit n' Go with tennis legend Boris Becker raising funds for Pink October Malta.
  13. MrUKHackz

    PokerStars Virtual Reality

    This week PokerStars announces its plans for a new era of virtual poker... It's called PokerStars VR, and it's a new immersive poker game that's free to play. The official launch will be later this year, but today we can unveil what's in store. We think you're going to like it. What is PokerStars VR? The first thing to note is that it's free to play. It's also authentic (that means it looks great). It's immersive, and it's social. Once you put on the headset, you enter a visually stunning game environment. Nothing is real, and yet you can still handle chips and cards just as in the real world. And while opponents might be playing from the other side of the world, but you can study them for any tells they might have, and even chat in real time. What you can expect from this virtual world? It's the type of game you can immerse yourself in. Almost literally. We don't just mean in the exotic virtual reality settings (think Macau 2050 or a Monte Carlo yacht) but with statistics. All the numbers, as well as observations about other players, are all available to you, because it's still all about the poker. And as you might expect in this level of virtual world, it's not all about behaving yourself. So yes, you can throw food at people, smoke a cigar, or even own a pet donkey if that's your thing. Or you could be more civilised and share food, order drinks, even stream shows or sport. When can you start playing? Right now, the multiplayer no-limit hold'em game is in a "closed beta". As you'd expect, a game like this needs intensive testing, which is why we recruited 100 hand-picked volunteers to put it through every scenario. As we speak they're plugged in on platforms like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Steam. What with the headsets, we can't see the look in their eyes. But the smiles on their faces tells us what we need to know. Once their work is done the commercial launch will follow before the end of this year. It does everything you expect, and then a bit more The new game, developed with Lucky VR, and was previewed at EuroGamer in Birmingham this week. It's the biggest event of its kind in the UK, and was an opportunity for people to see some of the game's features. Things like: Intuitive controls to ensure the new technology is easy to use. Voice command controls so you can play hands free. Integrated Twitch broadcasting, as well as video streaming and social media integration on Oculus Rift. That's for anyone who wants to play and stream. "PokerStars VR is a chance for us to take this amazing technology and bring something totally unique to poker players," said Severin Rasset, Director of Poker Innovation and Operations at PokerStars. "Poker is about interaction. It's been bringing people together for well over a century. We're really excited to invest in the next generation of the game and to give players the opportunity to meet in a brand new virtual reality dimension." It'll be a new era for poker, and one that's almost impossible not to be a little curious about! Citation from Stephen Bartley PS Blog
  14. Rocknrolla

    One day.......just one day!!!

    One day I'll run good, well not even good just run with the percentages! I can't seem to win a flip these days and can't seem to even win any big hand where I'm massive favourite! I know everyone gets bad beats and I know everyone hates hearing about them but I really need to vent, so below is just a taste of how I'm running from last nights play. Some of these are made worse by the fact I think I played pretty well in slow playing big hands and making myself look weak to get them to put all their chips in! These are big mtts with huge prize money ?
  15. We are holding the 1st TGC Poker Tournament this Sunday 9th September at 8pm! I'm going to be playing in the Battle of Malta poker tournament October 25th to 30th and thanks to 21casino we are able to offer a Battle of Malta package to the winner! The package will include flights, hotel, main event ticket and a 5 star vegan meal cooked by yours truly ha! If you aren't already a member of the RnRpoker home games then to join the home game tournament open Pokerstars, click home games, then click join a poker club and enter Club ID 2145538 & Invitation code peace696. Once accepted you can click and join the TGC tournament which will be available to register to in the lobby. It is a $5.50 buyin with 2 rebuys and an add-on available, 5,000 starting stack, 10 min blinds, late registration only available for the first 10 min of play. As well as the package for 1st place there is also the prize structure of $5 of every buyin, rebuy and add-on will go towards the top 15% of players prize money. Good luck and this event is open to TGC members only!
  16. So tonight will be the leagues 10th game and I'm thinking about ending this season next Sunday on the 11th game. The main reason being is I'm going to put more of a structure in place in the way of an event calendar for the next one. I want to mix games up to include 5 card draw, omaha, turbo, heads up, winner takes all etc and to have a clear prize structure to placings but also want to be wary about this as some people may just bow out if its obvious they will not make it, so maybe an end of season game for everyone that has played a min amount of games as well? In regards to finishing off this season the winner will be given a title and when we do the TGC awards section you'll be on there, as well as a prize! The top 10 will also receive something small but will make it that you needed to have played min 6 games if people agree thats fair? Any ideas or anything let me know and thanks to everyone that played!!
  17. Rocknrolla

    ONE DAY I'll Win a Six Figure Prize!!

    So having won 1k profit on cash games I decided to treat myself to a $1,050 SCOOP-18-H (progressive knockout) ticket entry! I had a some decent starting hands but the bulk of the chips I was winning I was doing so with air! I then played extremely tight to make sure I at least made an ITM place. With 120 players left I was in 90th place and guaranteed a cash, I was dealt pocket queens under the gun and made a raise just a bit more than the min. Folded round to the big blind who then called and then he shoved the flop, I called and you can see the result below! I don't particularly blame for him for his call, its just one of those spots where he hits his outs! In the end I cashed 4k from 1k but with over 100k to 1st place these type of opportunities won't happen often!
  18. seanaaaay

    discord For tonight if you Fancy a chat Thats the link if you fancy a chat while we play
  19. thewweEDGEHAD

    What a begin

    Bit of Luck :)
  20. Alexmurray1994

    Omaha Newbe Epic In Its Own Way

    Called up the local casino to find if any poker was on lastnight replied with "yes" get down to the casino to find out its omaha! wasn't happy! so left and sat down for a little google'd the rules and visited back and bought in for £20+7 + 1 add on at £10. This is epic in its own way due to me actually going on to winning the competition and still learning a few rules on the final table hahaha! #homelesslook Grosvenor Poker Hull added 3 new photos. 14 hrs · *** MONDAY NIGHTS OMAHA - DETAILS & REVIEW *** So we had x3 tables tonight contributing to a really good, busy & successful Omaha Tournament. Alex Murray had never played Omaha before tonight. He decided to have a little help from Google to peruse the basic rules of the game. Then a crash course in playing & some tips to boot from yours truly ...... Then jumped in with both feet ..... Not only did Alex make the final table .... Not only did Alex make the final table & cash .... Alex actually did the unimaginable & won the whole tournament !!!! To win a tournament at the very 1st time of playing & a difficult tournament like Omaha is a really special feat. To make it even more impressive there were plenty of seasoned Omaha players in the tournament & on the final table..... Including last week's winner & self proclaimed 'The Real Deal' Dave Thompson Alex found himself heads up against Dave And he had the unenviable task of preventing Dave from back to back wins. Dave 'The Real Deal' Thompson with a great result again had to settle for 2nd Place following last week's 1st place win. 3rd Place was yet another seasoned player in Simon Cohen 4th Place yet another very good Omaha player, John Moore 5th & last cash Place was another new player to Omaha Frantz Iwu 6th Place Josh 'Bubble Boy' Cosway 7th Place C,Clarkson 8th Place Michael Quinn 9th Place Mark Holder Cash table as usual was full with waiting list for most of the night ..... ........................................ Wednesday's tournament is another satellite - 7pm - x3 SEATS GUARANTEED YET AGAIN !!! Entry £17 inc reg fee x1 Rby or A/o £10 7.5k / 15k Re - Entries just £10 £20,000 GTD EASTER BEAST (Made £40,000+ last year) DAY 1A - THURSDAY 29th MAR - 7.30pm - HULL DAY 2 - SUNDAY 01st APR @ LEEDS WESTGATE * You can use any vouchers won to buy into any tournament at Grosvenor Casinos * You can win as many vouchers as you like Thank you for all your continued support Grosvenor Hull Poker Where Poker Lives...
  21. Slotsofun

    Well Done R5669

    2 out of 4. Looking a hard player to beat. I look forward to the next Home Game, pity my username isn't my gambling forum and stream alias. I'm Metalhed11 on pokerstars.
  22. Taruli

    Redtooth Poker

    Morning guys Anyone else here in a local redtooth poker league? Be nice to know if anyone else is should we get to the same regionals by some luck haha I had a good night last night.. Came 3rd on the night which puts me up to 1st in the league.. bit tight at the top though ??