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Found 1 result

  1. WELCOME EVERYONE!.....the MAGNIFICENT 7 OF SUMMER SPORTS it is. The scoring has a slight bias towards the big 3 events of the summer. Wimbledon, Tour de France and The Open as they are the main events, plus, they are also the hardest to predict so slightly more points could potentially be won. Jokester will again keep score, but I urge everyone to jot down their own as I don't want no comebacks on her at the end. It's not fair, as it is a very difficult job to keep on top of everything. Mistakes could be made. I will post the results after each event as before, so you know who has scored what. Again, I may tweak one or two things closer to the event. But I would like to think I have given those with less knowledge on some sports a chance to do well with some guessing games thrown in. Please no posting 5 event predictions at a time, just those coming up. All I need for now, is a simple I'm in or variant of, so Jokester has plenty of time to wield her magic upon her spreadsheets. First event starts Monday July 1st and ends on Sunday 28th July. Winner will win a prize on Paul's big wheel THE EVENTS 1. 1st July to 14th July - Tennis - WIMBLEDON Pick 1 player to win the Mens Singles (WIN 25pnts, RU 15pnts, SF 10pnts) Pick 1 player to win the Womens Singles " BONUS:- Guess the number of games each winner loses in the entire Championship (closest and ties 15 pnts, 2nd 10pnts and 3rd 5pnts) So I need one number for the mens AND one for the women 2. 6th July - 28th July - Cycling - TOUR DE FRANCE I will produce 2 groups of riders to help everyone. One group of 'climbers' and one group of 'sprinters'. You must simply chose 1 from each category PLUS any other one from either group of your choice. Points awarded for every stage - Win 5pnts 2nd 3pnts 3rd 2pnts and 4th 1pnt Bonus - Overall Winner (Yellow Jersey) 1st 30 pnts 2nd 20pnts 3rd 15 pnts 4th 10 pnts 5th 5 pnts 6th 5 pnts Top Sprinter (Green Jersey) 15 pnts 2nd 10 pnts 3rd 5 pnts Other jerseys (polka dot & white) 5 points for the winner 3. 7th July - Football - WOMEN' S WORLD CUP FINAL Name the Winner - 20 pnts Guess the exact scoreline after 90 mins - 20 pnts If you guess the correct result, but not exact score 10 pnts. ie if its 2-2 and you guessed 1-1 thats 10pnts Guess the time of the first goal. Closest (and ties) 20 pnts, 2nd 15 pnts, 3rd 10 pnts 4th 5 pnts For this you will be allowed to guess anytime up to 120 mins, and also the word PENALTIES is allowed. 4. 14th July - Cricket - WORLD CUP FINAL I will post a list of the probable teams close to the match day Pick the winner - 20 pnts Name of top batsman - 20 pnts (most runs scored) 2nd 10 pnts 3rd 5 pnts Name of top bowler - 20 pnts (most wickets taken, if equal, lowest runs conceded in taking them) points as above Bonus :- Total number of runs in the game <300/ 301-400/ 401-500/ 501-600/ 601-700/ > 701 - 10 points 5. 18th July to 21st July - GOLF - OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP Pick any 3 golfers - players and prices will be displayed for our info only Points for 1st to 8th (40/30/20/15/10/5/5/5pnts) Bonus - If your golfer is placed you get bonus points if <14/1 no bonus, 15/1 - 25/1 5 pnts, 26/1 - 50/1 10pnts, 51/1 - 100/1 15 pnts, 101/1+ 20 pnts Hole in One or Albatross - 10 pnts 6. 20th JULY - BOXING Dillian Whyte VS Oscar Rivas (Heavyweight) M. Pacquiao VS K. Thurman (Welterweight) Winner - Winning Round 1-2/ 3-4/ 5-6/ 7-8/ 9-10/ 11-12/ Pnts - Method KO/TKO/DQ Winner 20 pnts, Winning Round 10 pnts and Method 5 pnts (guess method even if you pick points just in case your wrong) 7. 20th July - 28th July - Darts - WORLD MATCHPLAY I will produce 4 groups of players. pick one from each group. ALL your 4 players will score points on the following basis: Appearing in final 10 pnts 100+ average in a match - 5 pnts 170 finish - 5 pnts 9 dart finish - 15 ponis Bonus - Guess the number of legs lost by the eventual winner. If there are 30 playing the winner gets 30 points, all the way down to the furthest away getting 1. THIS HAIR BRAINED IDEA MAY CHANGE THO. I will present more details closer to the events obvs, complete with any tweaks. Any ideas for changes are welcome. Cheers that took ages. GAME ON!