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Found 1 result

  1. Crunchienut


    Welcome to the inaugural TGC Olympics.... well, the idea anyway. The contests will take place mostly this coming April. Each weekend during the month, usually two sporting events will be chosen for us to have an opinion on. The idea is still in its infancy and exact details yet to be decided, but this is a rough outline. The idea is to give those that have little knowledge in Football or Horse Racing a better chance, as I have included a fair mix of sports. I hope that no one knows everything about all these sports.... some are meant to be complete guesswork. This list is provisional, as I am open to changes. Feedback would be welcome, but what I don't want is people saying they are not playing as they know nothing about Motor Racing say, that is the idea, as someone else might, but knows nothing about Football. Anyway, let you know what you think. I'm still working on the scoring, hopefully with centipede, so the scoring is pretty even amongst all sports, but some events will have additional bonus' attached for super good picks, and specials like a 147. APRIL 6TH - Grand National (Horse Racing) & FA Cup Semi-Finals (Football) APRIL 13TH - US Masters (Golf) & Anthony Joshua fight + undercard (Boxing) APRIL 20TH - World Championships (Snooker) & Champions Cup Semi-Finals (Rugby Union) APRIL 27TH - Azerbaijan GP (Motor Racing), London Marathon (Athletics) or Liege - Bastogne - Liege (Cycling) MAY 4TH - Premier League (Darts) & 1000 & 2000 Guineas (Horse Racing) ending with MAY 6th - Final of the World Snooker Championships Technically if i keep all the different events it will be a Decathlon! But this is an example of what might need to be picked (Im trying to keep it simple) Grand National - pick 2 horses FA Cup - predict the scores of both games US Masters - pick 3/4 Golfers.... bonus' available Boxing - Pick the winners and winning round Snooker - Pick 2/3 players.... bonus' available Rugby - winners and winning margin Motor racing - pick 2 drivers Marathon - pick one man and one woman to win.... and a winning time. Cycling - Pick 2 riders Darts - pick winners and scores.... bonus' available Guineas - pick one horse in each race So nothing too complex thats going to take hours of studying or give anyone an unfair advantage. Points awarded and details will be put up after Cheltenham is awarded. Also this schedule does not mean there won't be a Grand National Meeting Comp separately, cos there will be for sure. I don't hide the fact that I like betting on cycling, and we will never have a stand alone cycling comp so here is my chance in just 1/10th of the comp.Please let me keep it. Probably likewise Boxing will never have a comp, but i know jack about it But lots on here do. so its swings and roundabouts for almost everyone. If anyone knows if there are any other big sporting events I could include just say. Or if you think, this is shit crunch, I'll drop it. Let me know. Love n Peace