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Found 10 results

  1. Todays menu Comprises one of my all time Favourites : Gambiarri Piccante !! Prawns in Garlic ,Sesame,Chinese Chilli oil , Parmegiano , and Parsley ....with Spaghetti !! Yum Yum !!!!! A twist on the Italian versions its very very spicy too
  2. after the inaugural streaming season on Twitch last Saturday it became obvious that new Hardware is needed to make the streams more seamless and mitigate the difficulties endured by RichieFC during the stream. Regardless of the outcome the success of the stream s down to Personality and integrity and Riche is the perfect man for the job going forward. Thus I propose that donations may be sent in to contribute towards the Laptop over the next ten days so that we may move forward . I am contributing 25 .00 @adamuk has offered 50.00 so we have a good start ----- I will gather any donations in my Paypal account : -- and forward them directly to @Richie or you can send them in yourselves , whichever is easier for you. I will close donations on the 1st of February . Thanks for your attention.....
  3. Just as it was a bit quiet..... We started this conversation in work yesterday. Is there any random 'celebrity' you think is quite hot, but you can't put your finger on exactly why? This is not about you fancying a model or porn star or someoneone from the hot 100..... its more about the the others going wtf, are you serious? eg The woman who started this likes Bill Turnbull (guy who used to do breakfast tv). I have 2/3 but start the ball rolling with someone I liked when I was younger..... She's annoying I will give you that.... Its not..... she doesn't qualify...too pretty and thankfully not ...... NO..... for my sins its this Turner @Blampy Kylie don't count mi amigo.
  4. I would like to welcome you all to the NON GAMBLERS LOUNGE , where all are able to freely discuss any topic, gabling or non gambling related without having to read through the other threads. You may use the lounge to keep in touch with members who no longer Gamble .....and @david1111 has consented to regulate the chatter and generally oversee the daily content so that people are happy and made welcome . Any members of the site are free to contribute , but of course we expect non Gamblers to have a good presence here !!
  5. Solario333


    What I propose is that we may consider setting up a new Area which is designated specifically for Non Gamblers, and those who have quit. This would allow them to go directly to the area without feeling the need to peruse all the Pro Gambling chit chat on other threads...... Those who gamble could also join the lounge to give advice on how to make a lasting stand . What do you think ??
  6. Often people ask me what is is that makes us lose all the time ?? So here is a list of Do,s and Donts for the successful Gambler : DO the following : 1. Energy comes from threes sources : Food , exercise , and most importantly SLEEP. Of the three SLEEP is the most important. 2. Energy can come from Carbohydrates and other sugars which are then metabolised in form by exercise. Exercise should include nature , not just the Gym. 3. Food should be varied and include all grains .... If you live in built up areas you need to eat Fish regularly. --- in fact fish and Chips are very good for balancing the form. 4. Sugar early in the day is good , late in the day will cause problems --- Consume plenty of water . 5. Spend time preparing your day , meet your needs ,and once you are relaxed then Gamble when you are feeling good. By all means have one drink , but no more. 6. Rest is the key to financial strength. 7. Develop a social life away from gambling and reduce your gambling to three days a week .... ( Never Friday ), Tues wed thurs or Sat Sun Mon --- not both. Don't do the following: 1. Drink heavily and Gamble.... 2. Loads of coca cola, and other sugars, to keep you awake ,then spend all night online. you will begin well then wallop -- you will lose heavily. 3. take too much money from your account , when you have bills to pay --- this causes irrational gambling... i.e. betting on a 10/1 shot for value , when you know the 2/1 shot has a real chance . 4. change your bets. Stick with your researched choice. 5. make more than one deposit on one day . 6. Dont gamble when you are angry , or aggrieved, perturbed ,or stressed. 7. don't ask others to do your bets . you will lose friends. 8. don't stay up all night -- you need rest. Good Luck if you follow these tips ....
  7. Solario333


    For each of us there is a path . Sometimes our families are the greatest stumbling block to freedom, for we live our lives in their footsteps. wanting to meet their expectations , to measure up to our siblings , to be respected and to be a part of the family . But often the circumstances of our lives makes us deliver our weaknesses to the fore, and we fail to measure up. Our parents may be cruel in not acknowledging our struggle....because for them it was the same. Emotions are held back and turn into hidden anger which ends an outlet in drink or drugs....anything to stop the feeling of being diminished by those you love. And yet the parents cannot see the damage for they have damage too. Who will yield ?? Who will put themselves last ?? Only those with love in their hearts can do this, by moving away, standing alone, and forgiving the past . Only the moment can heal you. The trees , the sun , the sky does not judge, you are free to meet the expectations of the waves as they crash upon the shore, each one blessing you with a moment of Peace. This is now. This is Life. This is what you must do . Live in the moment. Forgive your family. Love them for bringing you the sun, the sea, the sky and above all the beauty of a new day as each dawn shakes the dust from your mind. Let go of the past for all love is in the moment.
  8. Solario333

    Happy Easter to all

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Easter and hope that you take this opportunity to have some rest..... Though I suspect that it will mainly be a family affair..... The last year on TGC has been a revelation as more people come to join us in our venture. I have no doubt that many of you have helped Gamblers to see some sense ,and to deliberate more about the values that life has to offer . I urge you to continue to act with good faith and not to let the difficulties of life stand in the way of friendship and humour. This site has some characters, to be sure, and we would be poorer without them , for it is in our diversity that our strength shines out. So be unafraid to make your point and do not be swayed from your opinion, but be open to change, for always there is more wisdom to point you in the right direction. The world is about to go into a great fluctuation , and you will need to be careful with your be circumspect in the company of others , and let your heart guide you, as we move forward together.
  9. One of My best friends has a Puppy Called Milo.recently we let him smell an essential oil.... MILO
  10. The TGC is in its infancy, bearing the fruit of our endeavours into a sea of Gambling madness. In this sea there are some who fish, some who watch and learn, and some who observe,adding their contribution by humour and anecdote. This sea is not an ocean yet, so lets wait and give time for those who will pay this bill to examine and decide the direction needed,to encourage more fishing, more anecdotes, more interaction. Awards tend to be divisive,and can be problematic,since dominant personalities can perhaps tend to promote themselves arbitrarily into the spotlight. Thus competitions like those we currently have are the best way forward ,for fun, banter, enjoyment, and equal interaction without the need to promote any single person above another. There is no doubt that UKHackz does most for the forum, and that David1111 , Crunchienut, and Blampy , and many others, do form the centre of interaction, but at the end of the day RockNrolla gives the forum its real impetus ,as we bind together the wins and losses ,and share the joys of life. I for one , am not happy with the level of bad language on the forum. It has demeaned our purpose,and is lowering our intentions . Perhaps this could be the single element that we could focus upon over the Christmas period. NEVER MIND AWARDS --- MIND YOUR LANGUAGE. Thats my message.