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Found 2 results

  1. So I've been thinking about a regular forum members only giveaway, I wanted to and will still do a slot comp but keep putting it off due to time constraints. So I've decided as there is a lot of top members new and old and wanted everyone to possibly not just get money but a decent amount, I thought as the lottery is a quadruple rollover for Wednesday of buying as many tickets as it will let me and we'll split it. This one really is just an appreciation comp for the regulars (there will and are ones for everyone) so if you go to top members list and click on most reputation, the list starts at David1111 and ends with TJFF. So if your on that list and want to be entered comment below. Also there are some members on the list that aren't on here anymore so any top newbies can comment and maybe take their place. If by some miracle we don't win the jackpot or the big amount and just a few smaller wins then I'll probably do a wheel spin to decide who gets it. I can post the ticket numbers if people want or just the screen of the amount of tickets as guessing it might be quite a few photos. Anyways something a little different and will hopefully do that slot comp soon! (ish)
  2. MrUKHackz

    Facebook Unlicensed Raffles

    Im pleased to say I don't use Facebook but the other half keeps coming home from the school with these story's of what another mum won in these raffles Today her friend won a pre order of the peter rabbit dvd for £1, great! The first thing that popped into my mind is are these people licensed by the UKGC as they are operating a pay to enter lottery/raffle They are also clearly run for profit which makes them almost like a mini casino does it not? Just wondered what other peoples thoughts are on this