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Found 6 results

  1. Rocknrolla

    Congrats You Won NOTHING!!!!

    Obviously I've had a fair few 0x bonuses but this is the one that stands out even more than a 0x on SteamTower!! With a wild in the middle how the fudge does it not connect with anything?!! Pure dirt!!
  2. Rocknrolla

    ONE DAY I'll Win a Six Figure Prize!!

    So having won 1k profit on cash games I decided to treat myself to a $1,050 SCOOP-18-H (progressive knockout) ticket entry! I had a some decent starting hands but the bulk of the chips I was winning I was doing so with air! I then played extremely tight to make sure I at least made an ITM place. With 120 players left I was in 90th place and guaranteed a cash, I was dealt pocket queens under the gun and made a raise just a bit more than the min. Folded round to the big blind who then called and then he shoved the flop, I called and you can see the result below! I don't particularly blame for him for his call, its just one of those spots where he hits his outs! In the end I cashed 4k from 1k but with over 100k to 1st place these type of opportunities won't happen often!
  3. First of all, I have a gambling and financial problem so I know this pattern isn’t sensible. So for the past few months I would fall into a pattern of choosing a casino, depositing either small then eventually big (£1k) or just deposit big at the start. I most of time lose the balance after a night of blackjack and slots. Immediately after losing I contact the casinos customer support and ask for a reload / cashback bonus and normally get at least couple hundred pound in bonuses and added to VIP. I always push for the most I can get and do end up with a decent bonus even after playing through my initial deposit. Anyone else do this? I always try and use the bonus to regain my losses but never meet the wagering
  4. So, this is another random topic I thought I’d throw out there. Do you feel it’s mostly competitive or stubborn people who lose a lot of money? I’m both of these things and I’m 9 times out of ten I will try to force a slot to bonus as I won’t walk away until it has, or until I get a winning run on bj. I understand this can be addiction and I feel it’s a fine line. I know a few people who gamble and If the slots not paying they will just walk away and try something else we’re as I can’t do that, I’m to stubborn and I feel like I’m owed something as most gamblers feel (which of course we are not) I’m curious if anyone else has these kind of traits and can walk away, i know most people on this site have faced some devastating losses but was this down to being stubborn and pushing slots/roulette etc or chasing back your losses. I’m not sure if this makes much sense as I know some people might not be able to tell the difference but I’m just curious. If you didn’t have these personality traits would you be less degen? Would you walk away with profit more than you do a loss?
  5. Here's a question... Who here gets tilted by mega teases? And when I say mega tease I mean where reels slow down and the music changes not just two of the scatters you need appearing on the first few reels. I know the argument is that it is a bit of fun to heighten the anticipation but is that really the case or are they something a bit more sinister? I've lost track of the number of times now where, either on a FOBT or online I have had tease after tease after tease only for nothing to hit - although they do appear to hit more often on smaller stakes. Do people enjoy them? Do people get motivated to somehow 'beat' them for a win and lose their shirt? I for one would be happy if they were scrapped but what do others think?
  6. MrUKHackz

    How To Lose £700 On A Blueprint

    How to lose £700