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Found 27 results

  1. Jok3st3r

    Goodwood Festival Comp 2021

    Sorry for the lateness in putting this up. Will @groundiskey defend his title and @Solario333 as the reigning knockout champ. Starts on Tuesday 27th and will run till Saturday 31st, everyone's welcome to take part You know the drill picks in before the first race of the day,100 points to spend minimum 10 points win or 5 points EW (in multiples of 5), max of one horse per race minimum of three races per day. We will run the KO comp along side the main competition. LAST THING FOR ME TO SAY IS... GOOD LUCK EVERYONE, TGC TROPHIES UP FOR GRABS @1pstaker will be working his magic with the scoring. 
  2. Lads and lads Bets bets bets x3 Goid luck all and drop your thoughts? Opinions welcome. Smudge my spelling My 3 for tomorrow trixie +3 fold + E/W 3 fold might have a lucky 63 e/w but I need to look for e more as well and effort has gone into this 2.15 we could have money on all of them packed full of fantastic horse.AL DANCER at 9/1 is the standout value this could also be hes new trip with age on ges side, not to forget he beat master Tommy tucker and tommy went on to win the next let's hope that form dose the job for us.needs to jump better. Main danger simply the bets but hes just to short for me in this field. 2.50 theres so much ifs and buts in this race blind side will need a run but I expect late money for this one. Favourite has got work today but I do believe he will be up there will he continue to win? Looks like hes had a bit left in the tank still but I can see him drifting in the market and taking a place in this race. POKER PLAY is the one 16/1 won 1st time out before I'm sure hes prepped for this and I expect a good run with rain on hes side I also think he will cope with the ground much better then any of the others it's in hes favour, dont forget this horse beat ac Milan when he was a good bumper horse, david Pipe tends to do well here. Like I said he may not have the stamina for this but I really do think the ground will come into play 3.25 really like this race also I think the top 2 in the market will fight for favoritism I'm puzzled as theres a great chance for WHATSUPWITHYOU 9/1 I dont think hes price will hold the key thing to our selection we have only seen him race once on testing ground and that was on hes hurdle debut at ascot last season he beat some decent horse that day and he was 33/1 that day. Running for a mark of a 125 today is a big positive 🥴
  3. 1pstaker

    ITV Super Sunday Racing Comp

    This Sunday, ITV are televising a whopping 9 races from 3 venues. So what better way to enjoy the racing, than with another competition!! TGC have very generously donated a £50 Amazon voucher as a prize for the winner, so get your selections in before the first televised race @14.25 on Sunday to take part. Scoring will be the same as it is for the Saturday tipping comp, so remember to choose a NAP. Hopefully we wont get any draws . Competition is open to everyone, so if you are new, what better way to introduce yourself than by beating all our racing 'experts' Please feel free to tag anyone else that you think may want to take part. SUNDAY 28th JUNE 14:00 ITV4 NEWMARKET14:45 The Empress Fillies' Stakes (Listed Race)15:20 The River Lark Handicap Stakes15:55 The Burwell Handicap Stakes 16:30 The Fred Archer Stakes (Listed Race) WINDSOR14:25 The Carnarvon Stakes (Listed Race) 15:00 The Midsummer Stakes (Listed Race) 15:35 The Thames Handicap Stakes CURRAGH16:15 Wetherbys Ireland Greenlands Stakes (Group 2)16:45 Alwasmiyah Pretty Polly Stakes @MrUKHackz, @groundiskey, @Blampy, @philinvicta, @Fredthedog1, @Peter clark, @Solario333, @Mad Slasher McGurk, @Douvan, @Dave, @Gkell727, @david1111, @Player1173, @Kinkerbells, @Caldracula, @therealwintersoldier, @Frosty, @Sgt_bilk0, @Jok3st3r, @STH2020, @stone, @centipede, @howfin, @Denman, @Tricky0212, @Luke_B_123, @jollyman77, @crazyrightmeow, @dannydonut, @marmite1985, @Andymitzy, @4houghts, @Fudge, @Roger_aka_Roger,
  4. Crunchie


    CHELTENHAM FESTIVAL COMPETITION 2020 Wheeeey! Welcome TGC Racing enthusiasts, .....It's time for the Big Cheese, the Big Daddy of all festivals, Cheltenham 2020 has arrived. Again, I will be running two comps within one so to speak. There will be a main comp where everyone plays over 4 days, top of the table wins the prize(s).... and another knockout comp running alongside, using the same picks. So hopefully everyone gets more chance to win something. There will be a winners prize and runners up prizes for the podium finishers in the main comp, and a prize for winning the knockout. Its Free to have a go so no reason not to play. RULES: This year, it will be scored like our regular racing comp. So you will have to make a selection on every race, and you stake will be a virtual 1pt win or 0.5pnts ew. What horses you bet on are up to you COMPETITION DATES: TUESDAY 10TH , WEDNESDAY 11TH, THURSDAY 12TH AND FRIDAY 13TH MARCH 2020. Everyone will be part of the main game most importantly, but the first 32 to register (31 and me) will be entered in the knockout, as it saves me a lot of headache. Once I have 32, i will do the draw. So if you think you can dethrone our current champ @Jok3st3r give it a whirl..... as simple 'I'm in' with a nice comedy gif will suffice as confirmation. Thanks Everyone....any thoughts on how to improve the game are always welcome. Good Luck!
  5. ROLL UP, ROLL UP! The CHELTENHAM NOVEMBER MEETING COMPETITION will be the final Horse Racing Comp of 2019. The meeting starts on Friday 15th November and goes on until Sunday 17th November. Just 3 days, so won't be a knockout. I was just going with everyone playing the 3 days, with double bubble points perhaps on the Sunday? as ever I am open to recommendations. The usual IM IN or variety of.....if accompanied with a horse related funny, all the better. Cheers.
  6. Wheeeeeeey! WELCOME TO TGC'S FIRST DOUBLES HORSE RACING COMP The Horse racing festivals come thick and fast at this time of the year, and that means so do our competitions. But as the title suggests this is one with a difference. This may happen either at Yorks Ebor meeting starting August 21st or at The St Leger Meeting starting 11th September. QUICK RULES.... DAY 1 ..... Teams make combined picks DAY 2 ...... Both players pick, and their highest combination score counts DAY 3....... Both players pick and all scores count. Format will depend on numbers interested SO, I need you guys to chat, get a team together and make a witty name for yourself. Then say that your in. If you need a partner in crime just say so on here and Im sure you'll be fixed up quicker than a supermodel on Tinder. Good Luck!
  7. Welcome to BLAMPY'S ST LEGER MEETING KNOCKOUT CUP The meeting takes place between Wednesday the 11th and Saturday 14th September. This will be a singles comp this time, and, unless I get inventive the last racing comp until November's Cheltenham meeting. Format will depend on numbers, as usual, so any humorous Bingo/Caravan comment guarantees entry. I would like to do the draw on the Sunday night before the festival kicks off, so don't leave it until last minute to enter. Cheers.
  8. WELCOME TO JESS R'S 'Have I won Yet?' GLORIOUS GOODWOOD KNOCKOUT COMPETITION It starts on Tuesday 30th July and goes on until Saturday 3rd August. The format and prizes will be decided depending on numbers yet again, but thoughts are always welcome. Whatever the entry list will close at midnight on Saturday 27th July. A simple 'I'm in' whatever humorous format you can come up with will suffice as entry. Cheers!
  9. ROYAL ASCOT KNOCKOUT COMPETITON 2019 Welcome friends of the TGC, the competition break is over! The horse racing knockout competitons have finally come full circle, this event marks the one year anniversary of the very first one, won by top lass, Kinkerbells. This year the Comp will run from Tuesday 18th June to Saturday 22nd June 2019. Not decided on the exact format as it will depend on numbers and opinion. As its the biggest festival in the flat racing calendar, we can either do like we done for Cheltenham and have a comp where everyone plays all 5 days, with a side knockout? Or just have a knockout comp from the start? as there are 5 days I could even make the first few rounds into groups, so everyone plays for 2/3 days, and then go into knockout. This is easiest when i don't have nice round numbers. Lots of options. Some opinions would help me decide, they are always appreciated. So as usual I'm after numbers for the next couple of weeks and any draw will be done on the 16th, so the entry list will stay open until then. As usual a simple 'im in' or variant of is good enough. I've had the occassional no show in the comps, please don't commit unless you are around to play all 5 days if required. Thanks. Once this is complete, I will then open the Summer Festival of Sports Competition ? Much love, Crunchie and GOOD LUCK!
  10. Evening everyone, no rest in Competition Land. Even though the Sporting Decathlon kicks off with the Grand National itself, does not mean we can't have a little knockout tournament running for all 3 days of the meeting. ?? Meeting starts on Thursday April 4th and ends on Saturday the 6th. Old rules for this one, where you have a 100 points to spend on up to 3 horses on any of the races that day at Aintree. No one is excluded, so exact format will be decided once I know the numbers wanting to play. As usual, a simple, i'm in, or variant of, is good enough. I'll put the full rules up with the draw a couple of days before Kick off. Cheers and Good Luck Everybody!!
  11. CHELTENHAM FESTIVAL COMPETITION 2019 Wheeeey! Welcome TGC Racing enthusiasts, and hopefully some guys from BackinaMo.....It's time for the Big Cheese, the Big Daddy of all festivals, Cheltenham 2019 has arrived. Personally, I will be running two comps within one so to speak. There will be a main comp where everyone plays over 4 days, top of the table wins the prize(s).... and another knockout comp running alongside, using the same picks. So hopefully everyone different gets more chance to win something. RULES: You will be given 100 points each day to use to predict all 7 races. Multiples of 5 or 10 only allowed. You MUST have a selection on every race, but how you use your 100 points is up to you. MINIMUM BET is 10 points per race. Easy. COMPETITION DATES: TUESDAY 12TH , WEDNESDAY 13TH, THURSDAY 14TH AND FRIDAY 15TH MARCH. Once I have confirmation of numbers of those interested I will do a draw for the knockout comp. I usually know who is who, but if the BIAMo guys could say your representing The Bandit, it should add a little extra spice to the occasion. Perhaps even the main man will have a bash himself??? PRIZES: TBC with @Rocknrolla but there will be one or two no doubt. As ever, if you wish to take part, a simple 'I'm in' or variant of will suffice. GOOD LUCK!!..... any issues PM our tech guru Blampy. Cheers. @howfin ,@Solario333,, @MrUKHackz, @centipede, @Kinkerbells, @Crunchienut, @Blampy, @Dave, @Sirbetsalot, @david1111, @Poker , @RichieFC @VillaLad, @4houghts, @Denman, @therealwintersoldier, @Player1173 @Marky147, @1pstaker, @Markymark , @spursman, @Mad Slasher McGurk, @philinvicta @DIJACKFROST @Rocknrolla @Dj-Wisdom @Roger_aka_Roger, @Robert dimmack @groundiskey
  12. After the success of Centipede's lay comp, I thought of combining it with a knockout competition to see if it works. Most people didn't get much of a run in Centipede's Competition as Markymark, Jess and Kinks dominated for what seemed like weeks. So hopefully this will give everyone to have another go at taking on these 3 titans of picking losers. I may have to include daytime AW meets, else lots of people may have the same horses, but we will cross that bridge later. All i need for now are numbers of those who want to have a bash so i can sort out the format. Given the numbers I hope to start the comp either on the 17th or 18th of February, as the footy comp will be on the following mid week. I will put the rules up when I have the numbers like I said, but picking horses to LOSE will be the name of the game. As usual just say 'I'm In' or some variety of and you will be. Then for Cheltenham, it looks like we will be having a comp against the backinamo lads, and, as not everyone may be able to take part?? we will have our own in-house one, but as its THE BIGGIE it will not be knockout as such, but a comp where everyone will play for at least 4 of the 5 days. After Cheltenham, the following comps will be for The Masters Golf?, World Snooker Championships and The Grand National meeting in April.... as always thoughts are always welcome. @howfin ,@Solario333,, @MrUKHackz, @centipede, @Kinkerbells, @Crunchienut, @Blampy, @Dave, @Sirbetsalot, @david1111, @Poker , @RichieFC @VillaLad, @4houghts, @Denman, @therealwintersoldier, @Player1173 @Marky147, @1pstaker, @Markymark , @spursman, @Mad Slasher McGurk, @DIJACKFROST and King @Miller26
  13. 4houghts

    Grand National Ante Post

    I know its not even Cheltenham yet but I had the winner last year (One for Arthur) at 33-1 and 20-1 and it ended up like 14-1 so its worth it. First grand national winner for me in like 15 years tho.. lol. I fancy Tiger Roll at 50-1 trained by Gordon Elliot who also trains cause of causes. If tiger roll who is 5-1 to win the cross country chase wins at Cheltenham festive his odds will collapse in the national. He is only an 8 year old has an engine and won over over 3m 7f at Cheltenham previously. 50-1 could be a big price each way. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good luck.
  14. 4houghts

    2:10 Towcester

    Linenhall fancy it at 4-1, no inside knowledge at all.
  15. 4houghts

    Punchestown Festival Bets

    Day 1 4:20 Punchestown Getabird 11/10 5:30 Punchestown Douvan 11/10 6:40 Punchestown Jury Duty 16/1 each way NAP way overpriced anyone got any selections?
  16. Don Corleone

    My Picks

    Heres is my picks lads 13:45 Aintree Not started 7 Debece 14:25 Aintree Not started 4 Black Op 15:00 Aintree Not started 4 Petit Mouchoir 15:40 Aintree Not started 7 Thomas Patrick 16:20 Aintree Not started 2 Identity Thief 17:15 Aintree Not started 2 Blaklion 18:20 Aintree Not started 7 Michael's Mount
  17. 4houghts

    5:45 Kempton Park DENMAN****

    Horse in the race at 9/2 called Squire put a few quid on as Denman calls everyone squire ha
  18. 4houghts

    Huntingdon 4.40

  19. 4houghts

    Altior 7/4 At Aintree?

    Aintree - JLT Melling Chase - 13th Apr 2018 Anyone have any idea why he is 7/4 ? seems way over priced. The field: Politologue 5/1 Cloudy Dream 6/1 God's Own 6/1 Top Notch 6/1 Charbel 12/1 Frodon 12/1
  20. 4houghts

    Todays Bets

    Today's Lucky 15 1.40 Lingfield - Ertidaad 3/1 3.45 Lingfield - Strategic Heights 11/4 5.15 Lingfield - Night Story 11/10 6.00 Leopardstown - Rince Deireanach 7/2
  21. 4houghts

    Irish National 5.00 Fairyhouse

    Mall Dini 8-1 Went big on him at cheltenham and just got beaten after a terrible ride, has m walsh on board this time though should run very well. Also backing Dounikos at smaller stake each way 14-1 :)
  22. Solario333

    Grand National Selections

    Gas Line Boy 33/1 Tiger roll 12/1 Bless the wings 40/1 my three selections--- tricasts and forecast combination plus 3 @ £10 away. William Hill Online.
  23. 4houghts

    4.10 Lingfield Short Price Fav

    So i've backed this horse pretty much every race it has ran in due to its name and what do you know its a absolute rocket and 7-7 on the AW I believe. Its last race is had to go wide around around the bend and won the race without a sweat. SECOND THOUGHT 4.10 Lingfield Price is 5/4 but should be odds on.
  24. Rocknrolla

    Cheltenham, HELP!!!

    So looks like I'm late and already missed a few winners (cheers for the heads up Hackz) my own fault but ready to get on it now!! So whats everyone backing for the last few days? Please let me know in simple rolla terms ha!