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Found 20 results

  1. Big Time Gaming have asked us to exclusively launch there 10yr Anniversary €100k Giveaway where you can win €10,000 every month for the next 10 months*! To take part please read all the T&C's below and use this thread to post any entries for Week 1 which starts at Midnight the 16th August (Now!) and ends Midnight 23rd August where Game 2 will be revealed , good luck! You can win €10,000 every month for the next 10 months!* Simply play a specific BTG game per week for the month and the player who gets the highest combined multiplier across all games during that month wins €10,000. For the month of August you can submit your entries exclusively at The Gambling Community *Terms & Conditions: You must play that specific BTG game per week. You must post the screenshot of your win for the specific game for that week in that specific forum for the month. (For example, for the month of August, Week 1 you’ll play Queen of Riches and post your wins to The Gambling Community Forum) You must submit entries with a screenshot of actual casino play with real money only. You must enter using this entry format only: Name, Location, X Win, Screenshot Image with Date and Timestamp and Casino Name Entries close on Sunday midnight every week per game. Winners are announced monthly, 15 days after the month is over, we aggregate all entries across the forum. Competition excludes Canadian players.
  2. slots4fun777

    Giveaway? Where?

    Going to stream tonight from 20:30 UK time . Competition is same like before. Who will guess the biggest bonus I will have tonight will have an slots4fun mug. Just need to type 10x,250x etc. Competition will be closed at 20:30 . Giveaway is for UK players. If you want to participate and you are not living in UK , you can do it but need to pay for postage. Don`t think I can ship to China to be honest :)) Good luck!!
  3. KFC's all round!! Unfortunately KFC tokens don't exist but giving away the kfc mega bucket in amazon voucher form instead! I've been saving some bonuses and as I started with BTG slots I've ended with them. So for stream as it stands I have the following - 1. £6 Final Countdown 2. £10 Extra Chilli (24 spins) 3. Kingmaker £5 (33x multiplier) 4. £5 Royal Mint (the top feat) 5. Lil Devil heartstoppers on £6, £8 and £10 6. £5 Cyberclusters 7. £5 Starclusters 8. £10 Danger High Voltage 9. £5 Dragon Born 10. £5 Chocolates 11. £7.50 Donuts 12. £6 Opal Fruits 13. £5 Temple Quest (9 spins) 14. £5 Bonanza 15. £5 Monopoly Megaways I have a 2.5k balance and will be playing it to try and get a few more. So you have two chances to win, guess below 1.The final balance (some Lil Devil & Royal Mint ones haven't triggered the bonus yet) & 2. The biggest multiplier. The closest guess of each one will get £200 cash and the next 15 closest of each will receive a £50 Amazon voucher. Will hopefully be streaming this tomorrow night starting at around 8.30pm, the thread closes when I start to open bonuses. My prediction 1.£9,121 & 2. 301x Good luck!
  4. As I'm writing this I'm making the rules up as I go so its more of an experiment this one. Anyone with 10+ rep points can enter (mods can also enter). It starts from lunchtime tomorrow (due to limits) so no matches or anything that starts today or tomorrow morning. 50 max entries and whoever posts first gets in but I assume there shouldnt be more than 50 anyway. So basically you have a £20 treble bet on any sport, if it wins any profit above the £20 you get half and if its under £100 you'll be paid in an amazon voucher or a voucher of your choice (makes my life a bit easier) above that can be bank transferred. Hoping there will be some winners and the top 3 biggest winners will then go onto another round. Think that makes sense, will see how it goes. I can also only use Ladbrokes as other sites on timeouts
  5. Going to be opening the Lil Devil Heart bonuses later and starting with a 2k balance. Doing a guessing comp for the end total balance but you can only enter if you have 200 rep points or more. Also we give so much to charity that if you enter/comment below and win something I'd prefer you receive the money then do what you want with it. As the bonuses arent actually triggered the ones at the higher stakes might even take the whole balance to trigger and I might have to redeposit so bare that in mind plus I will do the odd spin after to try and get a lucky re-roll which counts. Giving away 5 Prizes - 1st £250 2nd £150, 3rd £100 4th & 5th £50 My guess will be £6,400 but would love that to really have an extra one or two zero's on it!
  6. Going to stream tonight from 22:00 UK time . Competition is same like before. Who will guess the biggest bonus I will have tonight will have an slots4fun hoodie Just need to type 10x,250x etc. Entries will be closed at 21:45 . Giveaway is for UK players. If you want to participate and you are not living in UK , you can do it but need to pay for postage. Don`t think I can ship to China to be honest :)) Good luck!!
  7. Please vote for your 3 preferred charities this month, the top 3 get a donation and the bottom 2 roll over to next month's poll, all donations are courtesy of 21casino. Thank you for your votes x  If you would like to suggest a charity please email your suggestion to
  8. Hello guys, this one will be exactly like the one from last week, I am going to stream tonight around 21:30 UK time you have time from now till 21:00 to guess how much x will be my biggest bonus on tonight stream. If last week the prize was a slots4fun mug , this week winner will get a slots4fun Hoodie. The Giveaway will be for people from UK only. Good luck!
  9. slots4fun777

    Slots4fun Giveaway

    Hello guys, will be a short giveaway for the people from the TGC , I am going to stream tonight so whoever will guess the maximum x that a bonus will pay tonight will win a slots4fun Mug. This comp will be only for the people from UK. Is just enough to type 10x or 1000x or 10000x :)) @Crunchie now you have your second chance. The stream will start at 20:15 so you guys have 1 hour to enter. Good Luck!
  10. In the words of Bruce Buffer, ITS TIME! Below is the results of the Bonus Buy Giveaway #2, @Rocknrolla also said to spin the top TGC members wheel for a bonus prize too, so theres 6 chances to win, have you won? Lets find out!!
  11. Well guys, that went well if you ask me, some brilliant results, below is the gleam app that picked the winners and I've censored out any personal details, we have 3 winners from the 5 that are TGC members although not any of the regulars, maybe next month! Congrats to the winners! Prize 1 of £548 goes to @Checkmate Prize 2 of £706 goes to Jonite Prize 3 of £386 goes to @Kitchlee83 Prize 4 of £107 goes to David Prize 5 of £1219 goes to @forewarned
  12. So back in September 2017 I came across a streamer offering 1 lucky person who signed up through their link a chance to win £100. All you had to do was deposit £20 or more at Playclub through their link. I decided to take the chance. To my surprise, I was the lucky person out of 12 entrants to win. However, it turns out I have been anything but lucky. The streamer originally said the money would be added my playclub to my casino account. After a few weeks of 'trying' he claimed he was having problems with them getting to do it. He then offered to send my prize via paypal. I promptly sent him my paypal email so he could transfer the funds. Shortly after he told me the payment has been approved and I will receive the money shortly. A week passed by so I messaged asking where the money was, no response. From then onward he wouldn't reply to any of my messages and his Twitch account mysteriously disappeared. A couple of months later his twitch reappeared. At first I was ignored, but eventually he replied saying he had already sent the money, this was not true. He later said the prize money was not to do with him and playclub would send me the money ( this is clearly not true as he said he'd sent it by paypal ) And now, over 6 months after 'winning' his £100 competition I have been blocked by him on twitch and I am no closer to receiving my prize. I have contacted playclub about this and they have confirmed they have nothing to do with the competition and it is down to him to pay out the prize. I have now pretty much accepted I am not getting the prize money but this is not okay. It begs the question do streamer giveaways need to be more regulated to prevent such events? What are your thoughts? Should Playclub have done more to get my prize money? Should streamer prize draws continue? ps. I do not want to name the streamer at this stage, I want to give him a chance to come forward and sort this out. Also, I am in no way discrediting other streamers giveaways. The majority of streamers run fair giveaways in which winners receive their winnings.
  13. So I was thinking of creating a wheel with a load of different type of prizes on it, maybe even some dud ones. Whenever someone wins say one of the horse racing cups or say gets the most points in a month in the crunchy nut football league they get a spin which I would do live on stream. I don't want to take away the main prize of winning the comps which is the bragging rights but thought this would be a bit of added fun, plus I can see people being less enthused about their selections in the league as the season goes on when they are bottom (I'm currently top). Could also add this to the poker league or even to the people that organise these cups as well as it takes time to do these. I can appreciate some people don't gamble anymore so not sure if this would then put you off as it could maybe seen as a bit of a gamble? Maybe no prizes of winning free bets or anything is a good or bad idea? So far for the wheel I thought of the following non gambling prizes - TGC t-shirt, TGC hoody, Amazon voucher, charity donation, 1 year subscription to magazine of your choice, vegan hamper, Ron Zacapa. Will think of a lot more just wanted to get thoughts before I tax the brain too much, I also like the idea of having a pot on the wheel that is cash and can go up every time someone doesn't hit it or even a star prize?
  14. TGC SLOTS WORLD CUP 2018 POSTPONED TILL 14/06/2018 Its time for something special for the World Cup, on this Wednesday the 13th of June Rocknrolla will be streaming the TGC Slots World Cup What is the Slots World Cup? It's 16 countries that have all been assigned a slot, each match will be played head to head on Videoslots dual screen and each team/slot will get 100 spins, for every bonus that lands or base game win of over 50x it will be counted as a goal! Should the score be a draw after 100 spins there will be 50 extra spins for each team. If its still a draw after the extra time then it will go to penalties where each slot will get 5 extra spins and any winning spin will count as a goal. Heres the great part, you all have 3 chances to win some World Cup merchandise worth up to £100 each, all you have to do is read the questions below and put your answer to each of them in this thread, simple aye! I'll list each team and there slot here just incase you don't recognise the flags! QUESTIONS 1. What team will win the tournament? 2. How many goals will there be in total at the end of the tournament? (penalties don't count towards total) 3. What team will have the best goal? (best bonus!) Good luck and may the best team win!
  15. The winner has been drawn for the latest giveaway of a Playstation, congrats to @reesy91
  16. Choose Your Own Prize Upto £1k Result!!! The winner of the choose your own prize up to £1000 is Simo147 which is @Denbo147 on the forum, Congratulations!!!
  17. The Result is in and the correct answer was £441 and the closest to that was a joint 1st place between 3 people! Congrats to @Alphabet9898 @DutchGamer and @Shades111 You have each won £100 as its a joint win. Heres the table for anyone who wants to see, it took me long enough so you may aswell have a look
  18. Forum Giveaway The winner of the Playstation 4 giveaway is @Gaza311 , Congratulations!!! There will be another console giveaway starting tomorrow so make sure you get your entry in, it could be you next time!!
  19. The results are in!! Congratulations to Leon | |, neevo7 and Krisp5282!! The winners will be contacted via email to organise claiming their prize. (We have censored any personal data. The winners were chosen at random via Gleam, which uses, from all entries received and verified)
  20. Welcome to our new forum! If you haven't yet checked it out, did you know you can win one of 3 PS4s we are giving away if you become a member of our forum and leave a post or comment. You will need to provide us with your forum username so we can check you qualify. To enter the competition, for further details and terms and conditions see our GIVEAWAY page here! Giveaway ends 11.59pm on 14th March 2018.